You have read it in the papers and seen it on the news; the polar ice caps are melting at faster rates than anyone ever imagined.  We are contributing to global warming by the cars we drive, the fuels and the various products we use in our daily life.
On Earth Day, each of us should resolve to do something that will make our world a more environmentally friendly place to live.  Here are some tips:
1. Better fuel efficiency reduces our dependency on foreign oil.  What’s good for our pocketbook is good for the country.  Walk, bicycle, take public transportation, carpool or vanpool to work.  If you must drive alone, select a car with a smaller engine that gets higher mileage and creates less air pollution.
2. Check your tires once a month.  Under-inflated tires waste more than two million gallons of gas a day.
3. Using fluorescent lights can be a major factor in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a new compact fluorescent bulb uses 75% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb and lasts 10 times as long.
4. Recycle.  By reducing wasteful packaging you benefit either directly or when local taxes are kept lower by reduced disposal costs.
Appreciate the beauty of the World in which we live, and try to preserve it for the future.
from “Share the Road” Commuter Services Newsletter, April 2006