By Chris Mitchell
CBN News – Jerusalem Bureau
October 5, 2007 – Psalm 122:6 commands Christians to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

On October 7, millions of Christians around the world will join in a global prayer meeting called The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

It began just a few years ago, but organizers say it’s grown exponentially.

"Whole denominations are coming on board for this and asking their church networks to begin to do this. We really believe hundreds of millions of Christians will be praying the first Sunday of October in the coming years," Pastor Jack Hayford said.

Hayford, co-chair of the movement, believes the current situation in Jerusalem demands prayer.

"Prayer really is the key," He insisted. "Nothing can solve the gridlock of problem, even the things beyond Jerusalem that affect its peace, the rise of global anti-Semitism."

But how should you pray for the peace of Jerusalem?

"One of the first things that comes to my mind is pray the newspaper. Pray the news that you hear on television," Jane Hansen, president of Women’s Aglow International, said.

"With the enemies that surround them and the words that continue to come forth from the Iranian President Ahmadinejad, I think that we have really stepped up our prayer efforts for the protection of the Jewish people worldwide," she said.

Pastor Mosy Madugba from Nigeria mobilized a half a million Christians through his church network alone to pray on Sunday for the peace of Jerusalem. He says prayer brings miracles.

"Prayer raises an atmosphere for the miraculous to take place and Israel needs all the miracles from every side," he said. "And as the volume of prayer is raised for Israel all over the world, an atmosphere is created for divine intervention on their behalf."

The prayer comes with a promise.

Pastor Mosy said, "God said, when you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, I’m going to bless you and who doesn’t need God’s blessings?"

The day of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem reaches around the world, but it starts in the local church.

Joel James, developmental director of Eagles Wings Ministries, said, "It doesn’t matter how they do it, if they just want to take a moment in their service and stop and say today, ‘We’re praying for the peace of Jerusalem – all the inhabitants of Jerusalem – that God’s purposes will be fulfilled in their lives, in that city, in that nation."

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