Carmelites celebrate General Chapter – New Prior General elected

Saturday, 13 October, 2007

Between 4 and 22 September 2007, 95 members of the Carmelite Order
gathered in Sassone, Rome, for the celebration of the Order’s 2007
General Chapter, with the theme
In Obsequio Jesu Christi: Praying and Prophetic Community in a Changing World focused on responding to the questions and challenges that the world in constant change poses for Carmel.

The General Chapter elected the new leadership for the Order. Fr
Fernando Millán, was elected Prior General, while Fr Christian Korner
was chosen Vice Prior General. Fr Josef Jancár and Fr Kevin Alban were
elected Procurator General and Bursar General respectively. Friars John
Keating, Raul Maravi, Desiré Unem, and Albertus Herwanto were elected
as General Counsellors for the European, American, African and
Asian-Australian regions. Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to the
outgoing Prior General Fr Joseph Chalmers on the occasion of the

The General Chapter celebrated the 800th anniversary of the
reception of the Carmelite Rule. For this celebration, which took place
in the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, Rome, members from the
various branches of the Order took part.

The Carmelite Order dates from the late 12th century with a group
of hermits living on Mount Carmel "near the font of Elijah." Today
members live in 42 countries and number approximately 2,000 priests and
brothers divided into 23 Provinces, over 800 cloistered nuns in 78
monasteries, and thousands of lay Carmelites.

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