October 24, 1878

A hurricane hit Philadelphia.

October 25, 1919

Bismarck, North Dakota, recorded its earliest below-zero reading, minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

October 26, 1963

The temperature in Boston was 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

October 27, 1843

A storm deposited snow and sleet on Mississippi.

October 28, 1973

The Georgia mountains received five inches of snow.

October 29, 1963

A snow hurricane in Maine. Cold air on western portion of storm
circulation caused snowfall of 6 to 18 inches in western Maine

October 30, 1844

Buffalo Barracks, New York, received 30 inches of snow in a three-day storm.

October 31, 1971

New York City experienced an October high temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frost Charts

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