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From the Associate Director

lack of job satisfaction is said to be one of the major complaints of a
significant portion of the American population. Money and power pale as
job motivators when compared to doing something that is worthwhile and
appreciated. I know first-hand that this is true.

Last November marked my one-year anniversary with CCEL. I was introduced to the CCEL Times readers in the January 2007 issue.
I thought my career before working at CCEL was very exciting. I had
held a number of decision-making positions in large companies and had
many great opportunities to use my skills. However, none of my previous
work was as genuinely rewarding as being part of CCEL and all it stands
for. In my personal journey, this position is a significant milestone –
the first time I have had my faith and my job intertwined – the first
time I am helping other Christians instead of creating shareholder
value. I believe in the value of our library, and I get as excited as a
child when we are able to offer something new.

I know this
wonderful organization could not exist without the support and
encouragement of our readers and Web site users. Thank you so very much
for believing in the CCEL, and thank you for giving me the chance to
serve you.


Nyna Sykes
Associate Director of the CCEL

New Release

New! First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians

First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians had a profound impact on
the early church and was commonly read aloud to congregations through
the fourth century. Clement of Rome, the author of this letter, was a
prominent Christian leader who worked closely with the apostles and
cared deeply for the Church. As persecution increased for the early
believers, writings like this one helped them persevere. May it do the
same for you.

The narration is by Gerard VanHalsema, a
professional theatre student at Calvin College in Grand Rapids,
Michigan. The cellist is Peter Plantinga and the audio technician is
Emily Hanna.

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Usage Testimonial

Reading from the Cyber-Stacks in Seminary
by Robert Easter, student at Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson, Miss.

a seminary student with very limited funds, I have been continually
encouraged to find the books and references I have needed for my
assignments, and many more books for future enjoyment, from your
cyber-stacks! To loan out a volume of the Ante-Nicene Fathers shows
friendship—to provide the entire collection for ready reference from a
laptop is astounding! So many books I’ve hoped to find someday, I find
among your stacks, freely available.

While currently unable to
pay the download "donations" I do thank you from the bottom of my heart
for making these texts available. I do include links to the site in my blog,
and hope to repay your kindness, in cash or kind, in the future. You
are doing a great service to the Body of Christ, and to the Kingdom of

How have you used the CCEL to deepen your research, discover new voices, and enliven your faith? Submit a usage testimonial.

Usage Hint

New Feature: Printer-Friendly Format

you’ve ever tried to print a book page directly from the CCEL, it
probably didn’t turn out as you expected. The PDF format (which is
available for almost all books) is generally better formatted for
printing, but is not always convenient.

So we have added a new
"printer friendly version" link to the bottom of book pages. Whenever
you need to print a page or two, just click this link and you will be
given a nice, clean page without the clutter of the titlebar, side
bars, or toolbar.

Previous Usage Hint

Featured Classic

Luther’s Commentary on Galatians
Reviewed by Nathan Bierma, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

been reading from the first volume of Frederick Dale Bruner’s brilliant
commentary on Matthew and came across his statement of very high praise
for Luther’s commentary on Galatians, which made me rush to bookmark
the work in the CCEL:

"Luther’s favorite book by far
was Galatians, with its crystal-clear doctrine of God’s gifted
righteousness; see Luther’s classic "Lectures on Galatians," the most
helpful book, outside of Scripture, that I have ever read. (168)

A related work by Luther is a sermon with the title "The Twofold Use of the Law and Gospel," from Luther’s Assorted Sermons. In these reflections lie the foundations of the Protestant Reformation.

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Classic Reflections

Classic Reflections on Epiphany

What was it that induced [the magi] to worship? For neither was the
virgin conspicuous, nor the house distinguished, nor was any other of
the things which they saw apt to amaze or attract them. Yet they not
only worship, but also "open their treasures," and "offer gifts;" and
gifts, not as to a man, but as to God. For the frankincense and the
myrrh were a symbol of this. What then was their inducement? That which
wrought upon them to set out from home and to come so long a journey;
and this was both the star, and the illumination wrought of God in
their mind, guiding them by little and little to the more perfect
knowledge. For, surely, had it not been so, all that was in sight being
ordinary, they would not have shown so great honor.

– Chrysostom, (c. 349-407), from Homily on Matthew 2

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