By Gailon Totheroh
CBN News Science and Medical Reporter
March 22, 2008 – Throughout the world, whether in secret or in public, Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For centuries various detractors have tried to debunk the resurrection. But the belief that Jesus was raised from the dead is the unique core of Christianity, and has caused it to thrive among its adherents.

It is said that the whole world is full of God’s glory, whether in the profound glow of a simple sunset or in the beautiful design of the stars.

But do we see that glory on the day of the cross?

Rick Larson says absolutely.

"Jesus Himself says, ‘Hey, there are going to be signs in the sun, moon, and the stars. So it’s legitimate to look for them," he said.

Larson believes God led him to research how astronomy and history match the Bible in detailing the life of Christ. Before Christmas, he released a DVD on the Star of Bethlehem.

He showed us how the magi would have seen the movements of Jupiter, and how the stars and planets pointed to the birth of Jesus in June of 2 b.c.

Larson also showed us how the Easter story played out in the stars.

"While He was on the cross all hell broke loose," Larson said. "There were earthquakes, big earthquakes big enough to bust boulders because the New Testament tells us this. The sky gets dark at noon. Joel in his vision of this event seems to describe billowing clouds of smoke that obscure the sun."

How do we know these were real events?

Fifty days after the cross at the feast of Pentecost, Peter quotes Joel, then reminds the Jewish crowd of those very signs associated with Jesus, saying: "As you yourselves know."

Secondly, ancient historians also record the darkness and earthquakes.

"Blood moon" is the old term for an eclipse of the moon by the earth. The redness comes from indirect sunlight altered to red as it passes through earth’s atmosphere.

If you were on the moon – at the precise time of Christ’s death – you would see earth eclipse the sun – in the heart of the constellation Aries, the Ram – the sacrificial lamb of Passover.

And on Good Friday evening, the people in Jerusalem could look up and see the return of the Virgin with the blood moon at her feet.

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