When is IMBD?
IMBD officially takes place on
the second Saturday in May each year. But we recognize that this date
doesn’t work well for all bird event and bird festival organizers, or
for the migratory birds themselves. To the south, migratory birds have
left, heading for breeding sites to the north. Farther north, the birds
haven’t arrived.

remedied this problem by removing the month and day from our bird
education and festival materials, leaving only the year, while
reminding groups that "everyday is bird day." Now, IMBD is celebrated
almost year-round. Most U.S. and Canada events take place in April and
May, while fall events are the norm in the Caribbean and Latin America.
source URL: http://www.birdday.org/history.php

News from the Flyway

May 2008


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  • Celebrate IMBD!

  • IMBD – What’s conservation got to do with it?

  • Recognizing Ten Years of IMBD

  • Banding as an Evaluation Tool

  • Migration Puppet Show

  • IMBD – What’s conservation got to do with it?

    While presentations, bird walks, games and
    general fun are all part of International
    Migratory Bird Day, bird conservation is one
    of the ultimate goals. IMBD events are an
    opportune time to get visitors involved in
    projects that benefit migratory birds. This
    year, events are engaging communities in
    restoring habitat, raising funds to acquire
    habitat, and supporting efforts to identify
    important bird areas. Explore these ideas and
    consider making them part of your IMBD event.

    Recognizing Ten Years of IMBD

    Hosting an IMBD event is no small task! In
    2008, EFTA will recognize organizers who have
    coordinated 10 or more IMBDs. Already, 25
    organizers representing Audubon chapters,
    wildlife refuges, bird stores, National
    Parks, National Forests, museums, and nature
    centers have responded. We know there are more!

    Banding as an Evaluation Tool

    An interactive and educational way to evaluate
    participation at any program is to band individuals –
    humans that is! At the Queen City Bird Festival in
    Ohio, organizers banded 87 guests with a numbered
    band. Data were recorded for each guest, just like a
    bird, including sex, wing, age, time, date, location,
    name, and email. Each guest’s wings (arms) were
    measured using a measuring stick. The results will
    help organizers determine the busiest time of day, age
    and gender of visitors, and who has the longest arms.
    Band numbers were also used in drawings for prizes.

    Migration Puppet Show

    Put on your best bird voice and use this
    puppet show to teach about migration. The
    script may be adapted to meet your local needs.

    Celebrate IMBD!

    The big event is technically this weekend, but you’ll
    IMBD celebrated throughout the month of May and
    June and July in certain locations. Some groups host
    events, especially in the Caribbean, Mexico, and
    and South America, where the official date is the
    second Saturday in October. If you aren’t already
    involved with an event, lend a hand by volunteering,
    leading a program, or joining in for a day.

    Some fun facts for 2008…..

    * Nome, Alaska hosts the most northerly event

    * ProAves Columbia hosts the most southerly events

    * California has 23 events

    * At least 27 events are at zoos

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