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May 11, 2008

Dear Lynden,

Just a short note to let you know that the website was updated today.
In this update, you will find my review of the recent David Rolfe
BBC Shroud documentary that I mentioned in my last e-mail.  As I stated
then, the program features world renown Shroud researcher, Dr. John Jackson,
and discusses his new theory regarding the radiocarbon dating of the
Shroud.  I am happy to announce that the update includes an article
written exclusively for the website by Dr. Jackson himself, explaining
his new theory in his own words.
Also included is some important new information about the upcoming Ohio Shroud Conference,
which will take place in August 2008. Remember, it is open to the
public so anyone can attend. Here is an excerpt from that article:
Although I can’t go into detail at this moment in time because the
work is still in progress, I can tell you that some very important new
data will be presented at the conference. This research, performed by
seven independent scientists from a world renown American research
facility, will be presented by several of the researchers themselves. I
anticipate that their work may be one of the significant highlights of
the conference. So, if you are still undecided about attending, you
might consider this a worthwhile reason to sign up and be there in
Also included are links to two of the papers that will be
presented at the conference that were recently accepted and published
in peer reviewed scientific journals.
I have also provided a link to a 1994 paper about radiocarbon
dating, but I just checked and found that the link is not working
properly and giving an error message instead.  I will try and get it
resolved and correct it in the next day or so. 
There are a number of other new items that you should also find
interesting in this update, so take a look when you have a moment.  And
thank you for your continued support and participation.
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Warmest regards,

Barrie Schwortz
Editor & Publisher
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