By Wendy Griffith
CBN News Senior Reporter
May 12, 2008 – JERUSALEM, Israel – For the first time, TheCall and the Global Day of Prayer teamed up in Jerusalem for an event that was seen around the world.

The Jerusalem’s TheCall began with repentance and the tearing down of walls between Jew and Gentile believers.

A Time of Repentance and Fellowship

Thousands Gather in 
Jerusalem to Pray

TheCall – Jerusalem

Global Day of Prayer

"When Jesus walked here 2,000 years ago, Pilot said, ‘Behold here is your king and the people said, – no we don’t have a king, but Caesar.’ We rejected Yeshua as king, and we have to say, as Israeli Believers – we repent of that because we want to welcome Him as our messiah, as our Lord," said Avi Mizrachi, pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation.

Likewise, Gentile leaders repented for not fully appreciating their Jewish roots.

"We’re but branches grafted in," Lou Engle said. "There’s a depth here in Jerusalem and among these people that I never honored. And I believe, part of the key to the great awakening at the end of the age is the honoring of the root."

Thanks to God TV, millions of believers around the world are joining believers here in Jerusalem to pray not only for worldwide revival, but that the Jews here in Israel, will come to know Jesus – Yeshua – as their Messiah.

"I think everything’s accelerating- we who live here in the land, we feel it – we’re on the front line of the battle — it really is ultimately a battle for the return of the Lord, because Jesus will not return until His people say Baruch habba B’shem Adonai…Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord," Jewish believer Karen Davis said.

Praying for the Nations

Global Day of Prayer Founder Graham Power said never before have so many believers been able to join together to pray for the nations.

"It’s amazing to think that today, 214 out of 220 nations are praying together over an 18 hour span," he said.

We’re literally in at least a measure of the fulfillment where millions, maybe hundreds of millions are turning their hearts, praying in Jerusalem.  The world is living in a day of fulfillment of prophecy – meaning perhaps that the Messiah is coming soon.source URL: