2008-05-31 15:47:23 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com – India News Technology News)

London, England (Caymanmama.com) — CNN reported that in and around
the Indian state of Gujarat, there is a large number of villages which
do not have electricity and it is quite intermittent if available at
all. Pranav Mehta, the director of the India Operations for the Space
Island Group, said that in order to empower the villages, energy is one
of the basic things that they need.

By the year 2030, the Planning Commission of India has estimated
that they will need to generate 700,000 mw additional power for
fulfilling the energy demands keeping in view the growing population
and expanding economy of the nation. Dozens of projects are under their
way to be take shape soon. Yet Pranav Mehta has a solution to meet the
chronic shortage of electricity in India and it involves satellites
that will gather sunlight rather than power plants.

These satellites will be placed in the geo-synchronous orbits around
22,000 miles and will electro-magnetically beam the solar energy
gigawatts to the ground receivers that will be converted into
electricity and supplied to the power grids. Since the satellites
placed in the earth’s orbit can remain unaffected by its shadow
throughout the year, these satellites will be able to provide renewable
electricity round the clock. The idea of a space solar power station
was introduced by Peter Glaser, an American scientist, in the year 1968.

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