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Pope Announces Next Shroud Exhibition in 2010!

June 2, 2008

I am very pleased to announce that Pope Benedict XVI announced
today that there will be a new public exhibition of the Shroud of Turin
in the spring of 2010!  This is very good news, especially for those of
us who might not have been able make it until 2025, when the next
exhibition was originally planned.
Here is an excerpt from the article that was sent to me today by my friend Jesús Moreno in Spain: 
"The Holy Father noted how the next pastoral year will be
dedicated to the Word of God, while the one after that "will see you
oriented towards a more attentive contemplation of the Passion of
Christ". In this context, he announced that he had accepted
the wishes of the archbishop of Turin and that "in the spring of 2010
there will be another ‘Solemn Exposition of the Shroud’".
an off-the-cuff addition to his prepared text he then added: "If the
Lord gives me life and health, I too hope to come". The exposition, he
went on, "will provide an appropriate moment to contemplate that
mysterious Face which silently speaks to the hearts of men, inviting
them to recognise therein the face of God".
Since receiving the article this morning, I have received many
others verifying the story, including a notice on CNN.  Although this
has been rumored for several months, this is the first credible notice
that the exposition will actually take place.  I expect we will be
seeing a formal notice of the exhibition coming from the Archdiocese of
Turin in the near future and will post any new information to the
website as soon as I get it.
Some of the articles also suggested that this exhibition is timed
to coincide with additional scientific testing of the Shroud’s age. 
However, there is no official notice that this is the case and the
article may be referring to the testing being planned by the Oxford
Laboratory with Dr. John Jackson on other (non-Shroud) linen samples,
as reported in my last e-mail and website update.  I’ll keep you
informed as more information becomes available.

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