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The Next Best Thing to Being There

A Dead Sea Scroll in Stone


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Oldest Church–Or Not

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The BAR Companion
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July 23, 2008

The Next Best Thing to Being There!

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This season’s digs are in full swing, though chances are that you’re reading this in the comfort of your home and not at a hot, dusty excavation site. If you’re like most people, you’ve long dreamed of going on a dig. Even if you missed the chance to dig this summer, you can get the latest on more than three dozen excavations in Israel, Jordan and the classical world–including blog entries from volunteers who are digging now and essays by past volunteers about their exhilarating experiences. Warning: Their enthusiasm just might get you to sign up next year!

A Dead Sea Scroll in Stone

Does it contain the earliest reference to a risen Messiah?

There has been a swirl of news reports on a fascinating ancient text, called "Gabriel’s Vision," that is just like the Dead Sea Scrolls except that it is written on a stone tablet. The first popular article on this intriguing tablet appeared in Biblical Archaeology Review. Read this article by scholar Ada Yardeni, as well as a Hebrew transcription and an English translation, on our Web site. Also on the site is a sneak peek at an upcoming BAR article by Bible scholar Israel Knohl that will explore this text’s concept of the Messiah.


Check the latest news in Biblical archaeology and related topics–updated daily

Our News section keeps you abreast of developments in the lands of the Bible and beyond. We’ve recently expanded the section to give you longer summaries of important stories. Our latest entries include a survey article on the still-contentious debate over the identity of Qumran–the site near where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found; an announcement of the publication of two previously unknown Biblical fragments that likely were originally a part of the Dead Sea Scrolls; and a story on a replica of a Phoenician ship whose crew hopes to spread knowledge of that ancient culture.

Great books are just a click away

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Our online Reviews section is constantly expanding, containing both reviews from BAR as well as those written especially for our Web site. And if a book interests you, you can order it from with just a click. When you visit from our site, everything you buy benefits the Biblical Archaeology Society.


Oldest Church–Or Not?

Read the latest about this controversial claim

News reports flashed across the world recently when excavators in Jordan announced they may have discovered the earliest Christian worship area ever found. But can the claim stand up to scrutiny? Two University of Toronto scholars now suggest the excavators misread a key mosaic inscription, throwing their dating off by centuries.


Kiwi Bible Conference

Blogging from the International SBL meeting

Bible scholars from all over the world gathered recently in New Zealand for the annual International Society of Biblical Literature meeting. One participant blogged for us from the event, reporting on everything from the Maori welcome to a post-conference conversation with the incoming president.

Check out the July/August issue of BAR

Selected features available online

Get a taste of the July/August 2008 issue of BAR on our Web site. Available now is "The Salome No One Knows," in which Professor Kenneth Atkinson explores the life of Salome Alexandra, the only woman ever to rule Judea by herself. So great was her fame that she was even mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls–the sole woman with that distinction. Years after her death, her namesake, the notorious Salome of the New Testament, would demand the head of John the Baptist.


Cartoon Caption Contest

Submit a caption

Write a caption for this cartoon! The author of the winning caption will receive a BAS T-shirt, a Dead Sea Scrolls mug and three gift subscriptions to give BAR to friends. Runners-up will receive a BAS T-shirt and two gift subscriptions.The deadline for entries is August 14, 2008.

Debates and Online Exclusives

Let your voice be heard!

Check out our lively Debates section and Online Exclusives, where you can follow scholars’ latest claims and counter-claims and read a fascinating collection of articles available only on our Web site. Add your thoughts to these and other articles by using the Talkback feature throughout our site.


Bible and Archaeology Fest 2008

Featuring 20 renowned Bible & archaeology scholars!

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Boston, MA
November 21-23, 2008

Join us at our most popular program! Our annual BAS Bible & Archaeology Fests draw more participants than any other event. And for good reason: You can choose from concurrent sessions as 20 of the world’s leading scholars bring you the latest insights into early Christianity, the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient Israel, Biblical archaeology and much, much more. While the scholars are the main reason people love Bible Fest, many tell us that their fellow participants are also an important factor in their decision to attend (and many participants come year after year). There’s no greater excitement than in meeting fellow enthusiasts who are as eager as you are to learn the latest in these fascinating fields.

Join us for our premier event and enjoy one of America’s most popular cities while engaging with some of the world’s most eminent Biblical and archaeological scholars.

Seminar at Sea 2009

with Bruce Zuckerman

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Caribbean Cruise
February 1-8, 2009

PUZZLING OUT THE PAST: Adventures in the Study of Ancient Inscriptions from the Origins of the Alphabet to the Dead Sea Scrolls

Treat yourself to a luxurious 7-day cruise to the southern Caribbean on Holland America’s 5-star MS Westerdam. Balance sun and fun with six absorbing lectures from one of the leading scholars in ancient Near Eastern history: Bruce Zuckerman, the Casden Professor of Religion and Linguistics at the University of Southern California. The MS Westerdam will sail from Ft. Lauderdale to the pristine beaches of Half Moon Cay, an exotic Caribbean island just of the coast of Honduras known for its exciting water sports. From there you will sail on to Aruba, whose colorful markets and stunning coral reefs have dazzled visitors for centuries. Curacao is the final destination–a duty-free port whose canals recall Amsterdam with its enchanting gabled buildings that are inspired by classic Dutch architecture.