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August 6, 2008

The Thrill of Victory …

Learn how the Olympics began

With the Summer Olympics just days away, you’re no doubt curious about the origins of this 2700-year-old spectacle. Our free e-book, The Olympic Games: How They All Began, takes you on a journey to ancient Greece with some of the finest scholars of the ancient world. Ranging from the original religious significance of the games to the brutal athletic competitions themselves, the e-book’s contributing writers paint a picture of the ancient sports world and its devoted fans. For any follower of the Olympic Games, this entertaining and fascinating read is a must.


Check the latest news in Biblical archaeology and related topics–updated daily

This past week has been especially busy when it comes to discoveries directly relating to the Bible. Digging just south of the Temple Mount, archaeologist Eilat Mazar has discovered a seal impression with the name of a royal adviser who urged King Zedekiah to kill the prophet Jeremiah for preaching surrender to the Babylonians. And just south of Jerusalem, excavators at Ramat Rachel have uncovered 15 large gold coins that may have been intended for the Temple.

A Dead Sea Scroll in Stone

Does it contain the earliest reference to a risen Messiah?

There has been a swirl of news reports on a fascinating ancient text, called "Gabriel’s Vision," that is just like the Dead Sea Scrolls except that it is written on a stone tablet. The first popular article on this intriguing tablet appeared in BAR. Read this article by scholar Ada Yardeni, as well as a Hebrew transcription and an English translation, on our Web site. Also on the site is a sneak peek at an upcoming BAR article by Bible scholar Israel Knohl that will explore this text’s concept of the Messiah.