News from the Flyway

August 2008


It may be summer, but plans are already underway for
International Migratory Bird Day 2009. We’re hard at work developing
the art and new activities for your events. Keep reading for
information about the winning conservation theme title and more!

in this issue

  • IMBD 2009 Title Chosen
  • Connecting People to Nature through Birds
  • IMBD Celebrated in Nicaragua
  • Act for Birds!

  • Connecting People to Nature through Birds

    "Connecting People to Nature through Birds" is a 4-day
    course offered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The
    course helps educators, biologists, and volunteers gain
    confidence in their bird identification skills, teaches
    techniques for instructing others about birds, and provides
    many ideas for activities to incorporate with youth and

    At week’s end, participants gave all aspects of the course,
    from instructors to course topics, excellent ratings. Look for
    information about the dates for 2009 and visit the 2008

    IMBD Celebrated in Nicaragua

    At the Partners in Flight meeting in Texas, IMBD staff met
    with partners in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America to
    ensure that Spanish and French event materials are available
    to educators.

    Salvadora Morales of Proyecto Ometepe in Nicaragua used
    posters and education magazines in an event for local youth.
    Bird walks, information from guides, and other activities
    provided a new opportunity for local youth to learn about
    their birds.

    The official date for IMBD in Canada and the United States
    is the second Saturday in May. Partners in Latin America have
    selected in the second Saturday in October as the date for
    celebrations to the south. But of course, organizers should
    hold events when it best suits them and the birds!

    Act for Birds!

    Alicia King of the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is on
    the road and stopped to visit Environment for the Americas in
    Boulder, Colorado. Alicia is spreading the word about the
    importance of the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act

    About 500 of the nearly 800 bird species in the U.S. are
    migratory, and the Act is a vital source that sustains them.
    Learn more about the Act, what ABC is doing to ensure that it
    is reauthorized, and how you can be involved in bird

    IMBD 2009 Title Chosen

    Two hundred IMBD organizers and educators took part in
    a lively discussion about the title for the 2009 event. We
    have compiled the results and are pleased to announce that the
    winner is "Celebrating Birds in Culture." The results of the
    voting, which was open for almost two months, are:

    22%: Celebrating Birds in Culture

    14%: Winged Natives: Saving Birds by Connecting

    14%: Celebrating the Wings of Culture

    10%: Spreading the Wings of Culture

    40% voted for the six remaining titles.

    We also received 43 recommended edits to the title and lots
    of information and ideas about what people like to see in an
    IMBD title. Thank you for taking part in the program!

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