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Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree.

–Emily Brontë (1818–48)


Leif Eriksson Day
Noah Webster’s Birthday
St. Luke’s Little Summer
Alaska Day


Snowy Forecast


Autumn Chores
Make a Wreath for the Birds


Hearty Fall Meals
Everyday Cookbook
Buttermilk Recipe Contest

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Snowy Forecast

lore warns that every fog in October will bring a snow come winter. Our
winter forecast predicts that most of the country will have
below-normal temperatures and that heavy snowfalls will extend from the
Ozarks northeastward into southern New England.

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Our vintage Old Farmer’s Almanacs
advise us to finish planting tulips and other hardy bulbs, to have all
potatoes dug, and to make sure that apples are picked before the end of
the month. Trees should be pruned before a winter wind takes any dead
branches. And, dipping autumn leaves in a thin film of melted beeswax
will preserve both leaf and color.

Sincerely, The Old Farmer’s Almanac

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October 9 — Leif Eriksson Day

the Vikings, a group of seafarers from what is now Norway, Denmark, and
Sweden, ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean under the leadership
of the Norwegian Erik the Red, they found a new land and named it
Greenland. When Erik’s son, Leif, sailed west from Greenland shortly
thereafter, he landed somewhere in the vicinity of what is now
Newfoundland. Although Eriksson is not officially credited with
discovering America, Congress has declared October 9 Leif Eriksson Day.

October 16 — Noah Webster’s Birthday

Webster, America’s first lexicographer, was born on October 16, 1758.
We remember Webster as the author of the first American dictionary, but
he was also the first authority to advocate American English. His American Spelling Book, published in 1783 (and later known as Webster’s Elementary Spelling Book), was the first to Americanize the spelling of English words such as colour and labouru.
by dropping the

October 18 — St. Luke’s Little Summer

Luke’s Little Summer is a period of summerlike days that occurs around
October 18, named to honor the saint’s feast day. In olden days, St.
Luke’s Day did not receive as much attention in the secular world as
St. John’s Day (June 24) and Michaelmas (September 29), so to keep from
being forgotten, St. Luke presented us with some golden days to cherish
before the coming of winter — or so the story goes. Some folks call
this Indian summer, but that officially occurs between November 11 and
November 20.

October 18 — Alaska Day

Day marks the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Alaska
Territory from Russia and the raising of the U.S. flag at Sitka in
1867. For pictures of modern-day Sitka, located in southeastern Alaska
on Baranof Island, visit Sitka Pictures.

Make a Wreath for the Birds

make a special treat for the birds in your backyard, gather some vines,
dried sunflower heads, herbs, tall grasses, and flowers with seed
heads. Click here for autumn wreath directions.

Hearty Fall Meals

As the days grow cooler and darker, try making a savory dish of Red Cabbage With Apples and Pork.

Another wonderful meal for an autumn evening is Quick Tomato and Pork Stew. Substitute fresh tomatoes for the canned if you like.

Make our highly rated Shepherd’s Stew with sweet or hot Italian sausage.

For dessert, make an Apple Cake. This cake is very easy to make, and everyone will love it with whipped cream or ice cream on the side!


For more hearty soups, chowders, and stews, check out our NEW Everyday Cookbook.

Buttermilk Recipe Contest

You are invited to enter your best buttermilk recipes. The winning
recipes will be awarded cash prizes (first, $250; second, $150; third,
$100). The recipe must be yours, original, and unpublished. Amateur
cooks only, please. Enter today for a chance to win.

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