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Autumn GlimmerPhotographers descend on the craggy Eastern Sierra, hoping for magic light and stunning fall scenery – Standing
in the golden corridor of Lundy Lake Road, a tunnel of crooked aspens
with dancing yellow leaves leads me toward the lake. Dark mountains
skirted with fall color are reflected in the polished surface and a
hint of woodsmoke is further proof that it is indeed fall. More…

The Haunted Desert
October has arrived once again along with spooky stories, unexplained
mysteries and other desert lore. It is no wonder that so many ghosts
haunt the lonely trails, mountains, and landmarks of the forbidding
desert. The desert can be so unforgiving and, at the same time,
unbelievably generous. Many travelers, prospectors and adventures have
gone into the desert, never to return. More…

Bird Watching Basics
Be forewarned. Drawn by the adventure of bird watching, you may sit for
hours on your back porch waiting for a Bullock’s Oriole to sip nectar,
like fine wine, from the blooms of your trumpet vine. You may hike for
miles through southeastern Arizona’s forested Chiricahua Mountains in
search of the Elegant Trogon. You may sit in the pre-dawn darkness
beside a high desert wetland on an icy winter morning to watch
migratory water birds rise from the water’s surface on the first rays
of the sun. More…

The Mojave Road
Perhaps the best treasure in eastern California’s Mojave National
Preserve is a pair of tracks that cross the middle of it. This famous
trail is the Mojave Road. For most of this 138 mile stretch it is in
much the same condition as the pioneers would have found it, and a lot
of the trail passes through country that is virtually unchanged since
prehistoric times. More…

Magic in the Mountains
When people think of spectacular fall colors, they usually visualize
unbroken vistas of the Smokies or the striking scenes of New England.
Rarely the West. Never the desert. But one of the most colorful
displays of autumn color in the nation occurs in the Guadalupe
Mountains, which rise out of the Chihuahuan Desert, on the Texas-New
Mexico border. More…

Video of the Month – The Gray Wolf Wolves
are the wild members of the dog family.They are believed to be the
ancestors of our domesticated dogs. The gray wolf still inhabits some
areas of the norther hemisphere. The Mexican Gray Wolf is the only wolf
that at one time roamed the southwestern deserts. More…

Trip of the Month – Las Vegas
Las Vegas, in southern Nevada, is regarded as the gambling capital of
the U.S. Glitz is supplied in quantity by huge hotel/casinos, offering
inexpensive lodging and dining, and entertainment from glamorous stars.


From sandstone arches at Natural Bridges National Park, to shots of
saguaros in the sunset, to the tufas of Mono Lake – let your 2009 be
filled with the awesome beauty of the Desert Southwest. Take a look at our 2009 Desert Southwest Calendar.
Or if flowers are more to your taste, our 2009 Wildflower Calendar will
fill your year with blooms ranging from Columbine to Cactus. Take a
look at these lovely detailed images by clicking here.


When the soil becomes moist after the rain, the Resurrection Plant absorbs water and grows rapidly.
It produces a flat rosette of scaly stems up to one foot across. As the
soil dries, it cannot store water like a succulent, so it folds up its
stems into a tight ball, dries up, and goes into a state of dormancy.
The folded plant has a limited surface area and conserves what little
moisture is present. All metabolic functions are reduced to a bare
minimum and the plant appears to be dead. It can remain dormant for
years, but quickly returns to life with the addition of water.
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Live Cactus Egg (miniature Greenhouse for Cactus sprout)
Set includes: 1 Live Cactus, Egg Incubator dome, and Instructions on
planting and care, provides education and fun as you raise your own
cactus! Click here to see it!

Two new types of live Cactus Kits: Choose
2 or 4 cactus containers and enjoy Real Desert Beauty with your own
Cactus Garden. The finest hand selected nursery cacti have been chosen
for these kits. The kits include: 2 or 4 Cactus depending on kit,
Potting Soil, and Painted Clay Pot with drainage hole. You will only
water 1 tablespoon per month per plant. Click here for more information.


Try a Prickly Pear Margarita made with Prickly Pear Cactus syrup.
The syrup also makes exceptionally flavorful Wine Coolers, Spritzers,
and Prickly Pear Lemonade. The Syrup comes in 7 oz.,12 oz., 23 oz. and
1 gallon containers. Click Here for more information.

Enjoy Prickly Pear Cactus, Mesquite Bean and Margarita jelly candies
– Half pound box featuring three mouth-watering candy selections.
Tantalize your tastebuds with flavors of the southwest from the fruits
of the desert.


Cute and cuddly, friendly frog will croak for you! Click here to see him. Bison with sound
also available. Don’t miss our adorable pair of wild horses. Honeycomb
and Nutmeg are 7" tall microfiber plush horses. Honeycomb is a Palamino
and Nutmeg is a Chestnut horse. Click here for the horses.


Agate Bookends
Beautiful, unique bookends of Brazilian Agate, in a wide range of
colors from brilliant magenta to aquamarine and topaz colorings.
Average size: 5" Tall X 8" Wide X 3" Deep but sizes vary. Hurry! Each
one is different and they go fast!

Click here to take a look.


Joint Supplement – Do you have an older dog or a dog with arthritis or joint problems? Check out Nimble, a glucosamine product for dogs, that could help return them to pain-free movement. Click here for more information or to buy.

PARK DVDs . . .

State and National Park DVDs
DesertUSA has an extensive selection of park DVDs including: Arches,
Big Bend, Monument Valley, Death Valley, The Grand Canyon, Carlsbad
Caverns, Zion, Yellowstone, Red Rock Canyon and many more. Click here to browse our park DVDs.

2 Anza Borrego DVDs

Ghost Mountain DVD the
story of Marshal South and his family’s adventure of living on Ghost
Mountain in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. To preview the DVD in Flash
Click Here.

Anza Borrego Seasons in the Desert. This stunning DVD covers the various regions of the park, as well as indigenous flora and fauna.

Joshua Tree NP DVD This is THE tool you need to plan a trip to Joshua Tree National Park.

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