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An ancient wall from the Second Temple period is unearthed in Jerusalem

This week on the Web, one of our new e-features presents photos from the second-century B.C. wall that was recently uncovered during excavations on Mt. Zion. Built by the Hasmonean dynasty, the wall marked the southern limit of Jerusalem at the time of its destruction by the Romans in 70 A.D. The excavations revealed a tower that experts believe was part of the "First Wall" described by the first-century historian Josephus. A later wall dating from the Byzantine period was also revealed in the course of the excavations, as well as some late-19th-century objects left behind by early excavators. Read about this fascinating discovery and see the latest photos from the excavations.

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This week in the news, modern technology proves to be both friend and foe to archaeology, and new discoveries revive ancient legends. In Jordan, the legend of King Solomon and his mythical mines come under the spotlight with the discovery of a tenth-century-B.C. copper-smelting facility. In Beirut, development and archaeological sites compete for space in Lebanon’s capitol city, but cutting-edge medical technology is helping scholars in Israel decipher and protect the Dead Sea Scrolls. Medical technology has also helped scientists identify the oldest known cases of malaria in two Egyptian mummies that are believed to have died from the disease over 3,500 years ago. In Greece, a Stone Age household has been found intact, while a neo-Assyrian palace is revealed in Turkey.

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Mount Nebo | Bethany | Lot’s Cave | Madaba | Amman | Jerash |
Kerak | Petra | Aqaba

May 16-26, 2009

The land traveled by the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land and the place where Jesus was baptized, Jordan has a rich history and numerous Biblical connections. It also boasts a long civilization with many fascinating Ammonite, Edomite, Moabite, Nabatean and Roman sites. Plus it has the stunning city of Petra, the city carved in red stone that was made famous by Indiana Jones. Spend an entire day with us at this exciting site, enjoy a day of water and sand in sparkling Aqaba, and see dozens of compelling ancient sites.

We have carefully planned this exciting journey with archaeologists to focus on the Biblical connections to this ancient land. Come enjoy Jordan with us and return with a wealth of knowledge!

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