The BAR Companion: November 5, 2008

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Supporters of James Ossuary Inscription’s Authenticity Vindicated

This past week has been an exciting one in the world of Biblical
archaeology, where the latest developments have sparked furious debates
that have jumped beyond the scholarly world and into the mainstream
media. Most notably, the judge presiding over the Israel Antiquities
Authority’s case against alleged forger Oded Golan has advised the
prosecutor to consider dropping its charges based on lack of evidence.
This may clear the way for a renewed debate over the authenticity of
the famous James Ossuary inscription, which reads "James, son of
Joseph, brother of Jesus." BAR editor Hershel Shanks has posted a special article this week on the latest developments in the case.

Read Hershel Shanks’s special report

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Also in the news this week: The period of King David has been
highlighted with some remarkable discoveries. New finds include a
tenth-century water tunnel under the site in Jerusalem that is believed
by some to be his palace, as well as a fortified city where possibly
the oldest existing Hebrew inscription was recently discovered. An
ancient copper mine in Jordan sheds new light on the age of King
Solomon, and the science of modern DNA analysis illuminates the genetic
legacy of ancient Phoenicians.

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Help us chose the cover photo for the January/February 2009 issue of BAR!

As Americans lined up this week to cast their votes in the general election, the editorial staff here at BAR
would like to continue the democratic tradition by asking our readers
to help us choose the cover of our next issue. We are already getting
excited about publishing our ever-popular Digs issue for 2009, and we’d
like your help deciding on the cover image. Simply take a look at the
three possibilities we’ve posted, and vote for your favorite by
November 19. The winning photo will be the cover of our
January/February issue, in which we’ll announce excavation projects
that are looking for volunteers next summer. Many loyal BAR
readers have had the trip of a lifetime by participating in these
excavations. Please vote and let us know which photo would make the
best cover of BAR. We look forward to hearing from you!

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An examination of the sexual political metaphor in the ancient world

It has long been known that the image of the phallus was a symbol of
political and military strength in the ancient world. In the current
issue of BAR,
Biblical scholar Mary Joan Winn Leith of Stonehill College notes that
it had a particularly charged significance in relations between the
Israelites and the Philistines. Leith expands on Aren Maeir’s
suggestion that the five golden ‘opalim mentioned in 1 Samuel 6:4 were in fact five golden phallic situlae,
or cultic vessels. She points out certain Biblical passages that either
insinuate or directly refer to a sexual metaphor for political or
military supremacy, reminding us that understanding the social and
historical context of the Bible is an important component of
appreciating its text.

Read Mary Joan Winn Leith’s intriguing column

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BAR’s editors want to hear from our readership

As we prepare to celebrate the 200th issue of BAR
next summer, the editors want to hear from our readers. We want to know
about you and what you like or don’t like about our magazine. We’d like
to hear your stories too: When did you first discover BAR and
how have you seen it change over the years? Have you volunteered on one
of our sponsored digs? How was your experience, and how did it affect
your life?

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