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November 2008

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  • Give the Gift of Birds

  • Guatemala Celebrates IMBD

  • Teaching About Birds in Culture

  • National Park Service ~ Featured Sponsor

  • Join the Bird Education Alliance for Conservation

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  • Guatemala Celebrates IMBD

    Forty participants took part in a scholarly
    Day celebration in Guatemala last month.
    by Guatemala’s Partners in Flight Coordinator,
    Daniel Tenez (pictured with the IMBD poster),
    activities included a meeting of the Guatemalan
    Society of
    Ornithology, a symposium of Guatemalan
    and updates of PIF activities.

    Teaching About Birds in Culture

    Nature symbols have always been important to
    Native Peoples, and birds appear frequently
    in stories, art, dance, and ceremonies as
    messengers, healers, and protectors.

    Swans represent purity, wisdom, and grace to
    many Tribes, such as the Aztec, Mayan, and
    Cherokee. For the Confederated Salish and
    Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) of Montana, this
    respect for swans has become a modern-day
    conservation success story. The Tribe has
    worked with
    USFWS, Canadian Wildlife Service, and Montana
    Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to
    Trumpeter Swans on their lands. Today, there
    are 8 nesting

    In 2009, take a look at the bird species that
    are important to the Native Peoples of your
    area. It is an ideal opportunity to discuss
    conservation of these species. Visit our
    link below to learn more about CSKT bird
    conservation projects and find a swan
    activity to use at your event.

    National Park Service ~ Featured Sponsor

    We want you to meet some of the organizations
    and people
    that help Environment for the Americas (EFTA)
    implement bird conservation education
    programs. The
    National Park Service (NPS) Park Flight
    Migratory Bird Program
    works to protect
    shared migratory bird species and their
    habitats in national parks and protected
    areas in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and
    the Caribbean through bird monitoring and
    education programs and technical exchange. It
    has also supported International Migratory
    Bird Day for almost 10 years.

    The Park Flight Program has focused its
    sponsorship on providing translation and printing
    of education materials in Spanish. Park
    Program Coordinator
    Carol Beidleman (at left), is the
    energy behind the success of the program.
    She also works with EFTA to ensure that
    Spanish and English language materials are
    distributed to
    National Parks throughout the U.S. To
    learn more about Park Flight, email
    Carol at

    Join the Bird Education Alliance for Conservation

    On Thursday, February 26th, the Bird
    Education Alliance for Conservation (BEAC)
    will meet to advance its bird conservation
    initiatives. Join the group in a celebration
    of its accomplishments, interactive working
    sessions, goal-setting for 2009, and more.

    Thanks to our News From the Flyway Sponsors!

    Give the Gift of Birds

    Looking for some birdy gifts or
    stocking stuffers for the holidays? Be sure
    to shop with us. Our bird education
    materials are not only informative, they’re
    also fun. Bird puzzles, singing birds, great
    books for kids and adults,
    notecards, and even jewelry will make your
    bird buddy happy.

    And every time you shop with us, you help
    promote bird education. Environment for the
    Americas donates materials for use in
    programs throughout the Western Hemisphere.
    All proceeds from sales support our efforts,
    as well as
    those of educators at parks, refuges, bird
    observatories, schools, libraries, and more.

    Shop early for the holidays….

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