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Go outside and see the Full Beaver Moon tonight! This full Moon is
a sign of freezing weather to come. For Algonquin tribes, it was a
time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze to ensure a supply
of warm winter furs. Learn more about Full Moon names and see our free Moon Phase Calendar for the
exact date and time of full moons.

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No shade, no shine, no
   no bees
No fruit, no flowers,
no leaves,
   no birds! —

—Thomas Hood

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November 13,

Thousands of meteors fell per hour.

14, 1900

Composer Aaron Copland was born.

15, 1937

Debut of Sadie Hawkins Day in Al Capp’s “L’il Abner”
comic strip.

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As the days grow colder, we think of
comfort foods like pot roasts and soups that fill the kitchen with
warming aroma.

Pot roast is a slow food that simmers for
hours but also is extremely easy to prepare because it needs little
attention while it cooks. Try a Cranberry Pot Roast for a tasty twist on an
old Yankee favorite.

This hearty Potato and Broccoli Soup gets rave
from readers. “Simple to make—simply
delicious! Nice on a cold night,” says one reader.

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If the stars are blinking and
flickering, a storm is coming.

Observation, not old
age, brings wisdom.

–Puplilius Syrus, Roman writer (1st
century B.C.)

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