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BAR Editor-in-Chief Hershel Shanks Suggests that Competing with Looters May be the Solution to Stopping Them

Over the last several years, press attention and high profile legal battles have highlighted the problem of antiquities looting and the illegal purchase of artifacts by private collectors and even some institutions. In the current issue of BAR‘s First Person column, Editor-in-chief Hershel Shanks has a "radical proposal": why not allow archaeologists to compete with the looters? He suggests allowing professional archaeologists to excavate sites properly, and then sell the finds legally to museums and collectors in order to fund the digs. Not only would the excavations and all of their important scientific data be properly recorded, he points out, but the whereabouts of the artifacts would always be known in an open market. The objects would, of course, be required to be available for academic study and publication. Mr. Shanks argues that the current method adopted by scholarly organizations of simply refusing to publish studies of looted objects not only fails to impact the market demand for such pieces, but deprives the academic community of information that could potentially be very important to their field of study. Why not beat the looters at their own game, and preserve both archaeological sites and their vital data in the process?

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This week in the news, politics is in the forefront as Egypt battles the St. Louis Museum of Art for a priceless golden funerary mask that it claims was smuggled illegally out of the country. An ancient Christian church is discovered in Syria, while King Herod’s palace and mausoleum at Herodian yield yet more discoveries attesting to the ancient king’s opulent compound. What is believed to be the oldest Islamic inscription sheds new light on modern Qur’an scholarship, and a 1,800-year-old Thracian chariot is discovered in Bulgaria. In Jerusalem, a very rare visit by foreign journalists to the al-Aska Mosque marks the first time in eight years that non-Muslims have been allowed into the sacred Islamic site.

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