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Sky Watch

planets and the Moon are putting on a show! For a few
nights, brilliant Venus, bright Jupiter, and the crescent Moon blaze
in a striking conjunction. They first formed their brilliant
triangle last night, 15 degrees high, in the southwestern sky. The
three celestial objectives will continue to stay close together as
seen from Earth even though the planets are millions of miles away.

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Calendar of the Heavens 

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To the cold December heaven
Came the
pale Moon and the stars,
As the yellow Sun was

Behind the purple bars.
–Charles Dawson Shanly, Canadian
poet, 1811–75

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December 2, 1859
artist George Seurat was born.

December 3,

Pioneer 10, an unmanned U.S. spacecraft, reached
its closest approach to Jupiter, 21 months after its launch.
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There’s nothing like the warm aroma
and inimitable texture of home-baked bread. We are happy to bring
you two easy recipes.

For beginning bread bakers, try our no-knead Country Bread recipe, taken from
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Start kneading with this easy-to-make Farmhouse White Bread recipe,
which uses milk for added protein and minerals.

are a few tips for baking the best bread:

  • To activate dry yeast, dissolve it in
    lukewarm water
    (105 to 115 degrees F).

  • To encourage optimal rising, cover the
    dough with a clean towel or cloth and provide a warm, humid,
    draft-free environment.

  • For a soft and chewy upper crust, put a
    small dish of
    water in the oven while baking.

Find over 300 more bread

the prettiest flames, burn birch or maple.

Fair and
softly goes far in a day.

If you read the
newspapers at all, I advise you to read both sides.

–Robert B. Thomas, founder of The Old Farmer’s

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