December 2008


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Bird Day in Florida

A Sioux Story of Migration

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Teaching About Bird Collisions

The Winner Is…

Exploring Birds in Florida

Christy Conk is an animal keeper at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida.  In 2007, she attended the USFWS National Conservation Training Center’s "Connecting People to Nature Through Birding" course and learned about bird identification, activities to share with the public, and International Migratory Bird Day.  In 2008, she hosted a Bird Day event at Lake Louisa State Park.  Her activities are creative and use simple, easy-to-find materials.  She won’t mind if you try them at your program!

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A Sioux Story of Migration

Storytelling is an important part of the cultures of Native Peoples.  Birds appear frequently in these stories, sharing the values and beliefs of diverse Tribes.
"How Turtle Flew South for the Winter" is a tale of bird migration, and what some animals must do to survive winter.  We’ve added a coloring page and ideas for how to share the story at your IMBD program.

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Featured Sponsor ~ Web Spectrum, Inc.

The EFTA website has received awards for its good looks and focus, thanks to the work of Sam Crowe, President of Web Spectrum.  Sam is a birder, author of bird education materials and birding websites.  Each year, he donates a portion of his time to EFTA’s website, and it just keeps getting better.

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Preventing Bird Collisions

Be sure your bird education program includes a conservation component.  At the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s annual bird festival at the National Zoo, youth learn about bird collisions and what they can do to help them.  Take a minute to hear what one young participant made to protect birds at his house.  Click the link below and scroll down to the windsock video.

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The Winner Is…

The vote was swift and decisive.  Just 20 minutes after sharing 4 poster images, over 60% of voters selected the design above for the IMBD 2009 poster.  The piece features Andy Everson’s illustration of 8 bird species, with a single hummingbird enlarged for emphasis.  Thank you for taking part in the vote!  A version of the art is available for use in your IMBD promotional materials – just click below.

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