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from Melissa Mayntz
Greetings, birders. As you likely realize, I am the new Guide to Birding and Wild Birds, and I invite everyone to share their birding experiences, photos, and comments on the site. Whether you are new to birding or have a long life list, this week’s features can help you enjoy this hobby even more.

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What Is Birding?
More than just a hobby, birding can be educational, affordable, environmentally friendly, entertaining, and great exercise. Learn to make the most of this hobby by embracing all it can be.
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Basic Birding Supplies
Do you everything you need to be a birder? From field guides and binoculars to field bags and hiking boots, these basic supplies can make it easier and more fun to watch the birds.
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Bird of the Week: Canada Goose
This week’s featured bird is the familiar and popular Canada Goose. Despite its many size variations, this distinctive goose is still the most recognizable in North America.
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Call for Photos

Do you have photos of Canada geese or your favorite backyard birds to share? Email me and your photos could be featured in a future profile piece or photo gallery!

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