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from Melissa Mayntz
Hello birders! As you read this, I’m on my way to the
St. George Winter Bird Festival in southern Utah, and I hope you can also find your way to discovering new birds this weekend. Check out all the Birding Travel options to find out how!

In the Spotlight
Bird of the Week: Your Feedback is Wanted!
Bird of the Week is a relatively new feature and to date we’ve highlighted a range of different species. This week, I’d like your feedback on this feature – do you like the different highlighted birds? What types of birds would you like to see profiled: backyard birds, water fowl, birds of prey, song birds, rare birds or a mixture of species? Email me your ideas or share your thoughts in the comments.



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Birding F.A.Q.

Have a question about birding? Check out this F.A.Q. to see if the answer is there, or email me for help! Whether you need assistance identifying a bird, need some basic birding advice or just want to share an exciting birding moment, I’m always happy to hear from readers.

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