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from Melissa Mayntz
Happy Valentine’s Day (or nearly so), birders! If you’d rather be birding than doing more romantic things this weekend, check out these 5 Ways to Share Your Love of Birding. I hope everyone finds their lovebird — or a bird they love — this weekend!

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Woodpecker Photo Gallery
Many thanks to Ed Schneider, Gordon Ellmers, Jim Benson, Mary Royston, and Marjorie VanTassel for the wonderful woodpecker photos they shared for the new Woodpecker Photo Gallery. Seven different species are represented in these great shots. If you want to submit your own bird photos for future profiles and galleries, check out the photo submission guidelines.



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Great Backyard Bird Count
The Great Backyard Bird Count is February 13-16, and birders of all experience levels can participate to help track migrations, record species diversity, monitor bird populations, and more.
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Bird of the Week: Pine Siskin
Thanks for the great response to the Bird of the Week feature; this week’s bird is the popular backyard visitor, the pine siskin.
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