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Saturday, February 21
1:30 PM

Journey through time as Homer’s classic poem “The Odyssey” comes to life in this recent play adaptation by Dr. Gary Stickel, archaeologist (and someone The London Times refers to as the “Real Life Indiana Jones”). Presented with two outstanding awards from the California State Senate for writing and direction, this play is complete with mythical monsters such as; Cyclops, Sirens, and the goddesses Circe and Calypso. This family-friendly stage production of King Odysseus’ 10-year voyage home will keep audiences at the edge of their seats. A reception will follow the performance with special guest of honor Greek Ambassador to the United Nations, Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras.

Admission: Family of four $10; Individual $5
Location: Norma Kershaw Auditorium
Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.


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