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from Melissa Mayntz
Greetings, birders! With such interest in backyard birds (and the weather being too terrible to venture far afield), this newsletter is dedicated to those species we can find right at home. Happy birding!

In the Spotlight
Bird of the Week: House Sparrow
As one of the most abundant and familiar backyard birds in North America, house sparrows can be found in nearly every backyard. But how much do you really know about these little brown birds? When were they introduced to North America? What do they eat? How resourceful are they? You may be surprised!
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Bird Count Checklists Due
If you haven’t yet submitted a checklist for the Great Backyard Bird Count, it’s not too late. Checklists can be turned in until March 1.
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Peanut Problems
As the magnitude of the peanut recall related to the recent salmonella outbreak grows, backyard birders need to look beyond their kitchen cupboards for potentially contaminated products.
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Submit Your Bird Photos

Do you have bird photos you’d like to submit for consideration for a future bird profile or gallery, or do you simply need help identifying a bird? Read the photo submission guidelines to learn how to send in your photos.

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