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from Melissa Mayntz
Greetings, Birders! This week’s focus is on bird conservation, after a rather startling story about rare birds ending up on dinner plates. Fortunately, there are many things we can all do to ensure our wild birds are protected and prosperous. Happy birding!

In the Spotlight
Rare Bird Eaten
This isn’t the type of headline that any birder likes to see, but a rare Worcester’s buttonquail was recently photographed at a poultry market in the Philippines before being sold, most likely as food.
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The Importance of Bird Conservation
Any birder who regularly feeds dozens of voracious birds may question the need for bird conservation, but there are many benefits to protecting our wild birds and many easy ways to do so.
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Bird of the Week: Cedar Waxwing
This week’s featured bird is the attractive cedar waxwing, a popular bird throughout the United States. But what can happen when this bird eats too much fermented fruit?
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Attracting Birds With Water

Cedar waxwings love water and are frequent bathers. What type of water features can you add to your yard to attract more backyard birds?
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