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From the Director

Lent is traditionally a time of preparation for Easter though focus
on repentance, often through prayer and fasting. Often people give
something up for Lent such as meat, alcohol, or even television or
video games. Of course, there is risk of losing the meaning of the
season in the activity. As Craig Higgins puts it, "The point of Lent is
not to give up chocolate; it’s to give up sin!"

Perhaps you already have decided how you will celebrate Lent.
Perhaps you don’t celebrate "seasons" of the church year at all. In any
case, wouldn’t it make sense to add one more practice for the season:
to recommit yourself or expand your commitment to repentance and prayer?

Harry Plantinga

Director of the CCEL

Usage Testimonial

A Big Bookshelf for Pastors on a Small Salary

by Walter Elwell

In most parts of the world, classical Christian literature is
unobtainable, either because it is prohibitively expensive, unavailable
or unknown. In our worldwide mission work (my focus is on Eastern
Europe), we had to confront this problem. The CCEL was the answer to
our prayers. Let me explain this.
In many parts of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, the average
pastor makes less than $200 a month; in Africa, even less. Compare a
typical recent sending to Africa. The book cost $20 (at a discount),
shipping (at bulk rate) $30, and duty $2. That was for one book.
Needless to say, this is out of reach for any of these pastors, and yet
the material is desperately needed there. In one case we made available
about 25 books to a pastor, who told us with tears in his eyes, it
would have taken him over 20 years to buy the books for himself.
Examples such as these could easily be multilplied. Imagine everyone’s
joy when the CCEL was made available to them. Those who lived so
distantly form schooling or who couldn’t afford it, now had the best of
Christian literature instantly accessible to them. The use of
technology in this way literally changed the face of Christian
education for all these people and around the globe.

Featured Group

Volunteer Discussion Group: Write a Product Review

The CCEL’s Volunteer Discussion Group
provides a forum for individuals to get help and advice while
proofreading, writing biographies, working on CCEL books, and numerous
other volunteer tasks on which CCEL depends to keep our library up and
operational. This month we are featuring a section of the volunteer
discussion group that was recently added: Write a Product Review.

The sale of CCEL products
directly supports the costs associated with operating the Christian
Classics Ethereal Library. We have begun offering our products on
commercial sites such as iTunes and Amazon. Because most of these
products have at most a handful of reviews, we are hoping that CCEL
members might be willing to write a product review or two for us. We
welcome all comments, including praise and constructive criticism.
Check out this link if you’re interested.

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Meet the CCEL Employees

Brian Vanderwal

Brian Vanderwal is the CCEL’s primary software developer in
charge of developing new features for the Web site, as well as our
recently-released iPhone applications. He also maintains the servers that run the CCEL and he responds to technical e-mail inquiries.

Brian graduated from Calvin College with a degree in computer science.
He previously worked at Smiths Aerospace (now GE Aviation Systems), and
before that was a volunteer Web developer for his Christian high
school. He has also worked in the IT department at Interlochen Center
for the Arts.
When not working at the CCEL, Brian enjoys rock climbing, bicycling, tennis and downhill skiing.

You may contact Brian here.

Learn more about the vision and people behind the CCEL.

Classic Sermons

Charles Spurgeon on John 19:16:

Let us muse upon the fact that Jesus was [brought
outside] the gates of the city. It was the common place of death. That
little rising ground, which perhaps was called Golgotha, the place of a
skull, from its somewhat resembling the crown of a man’s skull, was the
common place of execution. It was one of Death’s castles; here he
stored his gloomiest trophies; he was the grim lord of that stronghold.
Our great hero, the destroyer of Death, bearded the lion in his den,
slew the monster in his own castle, and dragged the dragon captive from
his own den. Methinks Death thought it a splendid triumph when he saw
the Master impaled and bleeding in the dominions of destruction; little
did he know that the grave was to be rifled, and himself destroyed, by
that crucified Son of man.
— from "The Procession of Sorrow," delivered on March 1, 1863, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington

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