March 2009

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Birds in Culture PowerPoint

10 Years of IMBD

Get on the Map!

Sweetheart Breakfast for the Birds

I Am Raven

Birds in Culture PowerPoint

To help you plan your IMBD event or program on Birds in Culture, we’ve created an easy to use PowerPoint.  Each slide features our 2009 art and information about the importance of birds to Native People throughout the Hemisphere.  You may add your own local information to the presentation and tailor it to meet your needs.

Klamath Falls Celebrates 10 Years

Klamath Falls’ 10th  IMBD celebration is a day full of banding demonstrations, bird walks, and much more.  How long have you been hosting IMBD?  We know how much work goes into hosting an IMBD event, and we want to recognize your hard work and dedication to bird conservation education.  Send us your story, and as a small token of our appreciation, we’ll feature your event on the web and send you a Certificate of Appreciation.

Check Out the Explorer’s Map

The website receives thousands of visits daily as IMBD approaches.  The Explorer’s Map is an easy way for you to advertise your programs and helps us track events.  Make sure you put your event on the map!

Sweetheart Breakfast for the Birds

We talk a lot about IMBD, but Environment for the Americas works to support any bird education program.  Trinity Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware took advantage of this by hosting a Men’s Sweetheart Breakfast with a bird focus. 

A presentation on birds, bird music, and bird decorations from IMBD were a big hit with all.  Thanks to Carol Luzak and Dolores Sparks for their work.

Phone: 1.866.334.3330

The IMBD 2009 artist, Andy Everson, also illustrated this beautiful tale about the creation of a totem.  Share the tale of the many birds and other animals that implore a chief to include them.  This book is an award winner and a nice addition to your IMBD event.

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