May 2009

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EFTA Awarded NSF Grant
IMBD Reaches 350+ Events!
EFTA Recognizes Sponsors
Boreal Songbird Initiative
Explore Carribean Cave Art

IMBD Reaches 350+ Events

Over 350 IMBD events are registered!!  Events are taking place in every state and almost every Canadian province.  Check out the Explorer’s Map to find an event near you.  Don’t forget… fall events in Latin America and the Caribbean will take place in October 2009.

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EFTA Recognizes IMBD Sponsors

On April 30th, we had the opportunity to thank IMBD national sponsors for their program support.  The evening included a Native dance and welcome song by the 2009 artist, Andy Everson (at right) and a formal recognition of sponsors.  The evening culminated in a presentation by Nigel Collar of BirdLife International. These sponsors make IMBD materials and outreach possible.  Many thanks to them and the sponsors who support IMBD events and programs at the local level!

Sign Up to Save the Boreal Forest

Over 300 bird species depend on Canada’s Boreal Forest, including Evening Grosbeaks, Common Loons, and Yellow-Rumped Warblers.  This essential habitat is affected by timber, mining, and oil and hydro industries and needs your help.  Please take a moment to sign the Save Our Boreal Birds petition.  The Boreal Songbird Initiative has 60,000 signatures, but needs 75,000 by May 12.  This petition will be presented to Canada’s federal and provincial leaders to protect the Boreal Forest on behalf of the billions of birds that rely on it as a vital breeding ground. Thank you for help!

Events Use Birds in Culture Theme

Dr. Lynn Guitar, an
expert on Taino cave art, leads a group in a close-up look at cave art in the
Humedales del Ozama National Park in the Dominican Republic.

The 2009 Birds in Culture theme is creating fun, new opportunities at IMBD events. Native storytellers, schoolwide activities on Tribal Lands, and Aboriginal dances, and presentations by Native people are just a few of the ways the roles of birds in Native cultures are being shared.  Don’t forget that free, downloadable materials are available to help you incorporate the theme, including activities, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Phone: 1.866.334.3330
EFTA Awarded
NSF Grant!

We are celebrating!
The National Science Foundation has
awarded EFTA a 3 year grant to identify and reduce the barriers to Latino participation in informal science education (ISE).  Approximately 6 ISE research proposals are funded each year, and our proposal received rigorous review.

Project partners include the National Park Service Park Flight Migratory Bird Program and Colorado State University.  We’ll provide updates and opportunities to get involved in the study as it progresses!  

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