May 14th, 2009  
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  Dear Lynden,

Amid all the calls and challenges of our world, St. Therese, the Little
Flower, shows us holiness in the most practical way. It is not some
special formula, or ritual, or strange practices, or endless prayers. As
a Carmelite, she practiced and invites us to practice the presence of God.

Her "little way" is about doing ordinary things in life well
and with focused love. It is attending carefully to the people and
situations where God has placed us. It is about believing, even in dark
times, that God loves me and is present – to trust God’s goodness.

That is why I am offering this gift for you. This tiny statue
of our beloved St. Therese is any easy reminder that God is wherever you
find yourself – and wants to work His extraordinary love in the ordinary
details of our lives.

The Little Flower focused her whole attention on each person and
situation – she loved the ordinary in the most extra-ordinary way –
because it was God loving in her. She invites us to do the same – in a
wholehearted way.

As saints who follow her "little way" of spirituality, we want
to be wholehearted – we want to go to the ends of the earth, as she did,
to share God’s love. That is why I am also asking for your help. For your
prayers! For your financial support.

Generosity and work for justice are acts of holiness, as Scripture
teaches us. The task of creating God’s kingdom is enormous in today’s
world. Please help the Carmelites continue St. Therese’s missionary
outreach to people in need.

In return, the Carmelites and the people we
serve will remember you and your special intentions at Mass and in
community prayer each day, throughout the world.

In Her love,

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O.Carm.


P. S. Please
forward this e-mail to friends and loved ones that might also like
to receive this small St. Therese statue. They can also visit

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