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Gold: Finding the Motherlode – With gold going to $1000.00 an ounce in February of 2009 and now around $900.00 an ounce, can a person earn an income prospecting for gold? This is an age-old question and one I find difficult to answer. The answer is of course, "yes," however, there is one important question you must first ask yourself. More…

Water in the Desert The desert is no place to be without water – one of man’s basic needs for survival. We think of deserts as areas of extreme heat and dryness. Deserts characteristically receive less than 10 inches of rainfall annually. In some deserts, the amount of evaporation is greater than the amount of rainfall. More…

New Mexico’s Space Triangle If southern New Mexico has one thing in abundance, it’s wide, open spaces. But the plains and mesas of the Chihuahua Desert also hide a kind of space that extends beyond the horizon, the kind that inspires visionary rocket scientists, secret government research, conspiracy theories. More…

Cliff Swallow The Cliff Swallow is one of the most social – and more quarrelsome – of all our landbirds. During the breeding season, it lives in colonies that may have hundreds to thousands of pouch-shaped mud nests attached to stony surfaces. More…

Shutterbug 101: What’s wrong with this picture? Okay now, students. Put away your books and take out a nice sharp pencil. We are going to have a pop quiz! Well, maybe not really, but kind of. We are going to use the lessons learned from our past few tutorials to dissect the image. More…

Traces of the Forgotten – A section of the Old Spanish Trail The year was 1776. Santa Fe and southern Utah were merely provinces of Mexico. The land separating the two was so rugged, that a practical route between them was not established until 1829. This was the year that Santa Fe merchant Armando Armijo led an expedition consisting of 60 men and 100 mules, into Utah. More…

Get the latest Colorado River Information The rivers feeding Lake Powell are below average, but the lake starts to rise at this time of year. Lake levels are changing as the water flow down the Colorado river to Mexico through the dams and lakes. More…

DesertRoadTrippin’ – Day Trip #11: The Cholla Cactus Garden at Joshua Tree National Park The Cholla Cactus Garden in Joshua Tree National Park is a wonderland of Cholla cactus. You’ll find the garden along Pinto Basin Road, which runs through the heart of the park. A sea of green, silver and gold, the cactus garden provides a rare and beautiful experience. Walk from the parking area to the short nature trail, meander through the Cholla and enjoy observing the fuzzy joints of this unusual cactus. More…

Videos of the Month – The Cholla CactusCholla cactus are found in all of the hot deserts of the American Southwest. The papery-like sheath covering their spines reflects sunlight and protects them from overheating. Entire sections of the cactus can detach from the parent plant, earning them the name jumping cholla. View the Cholla Cactus Garden at Joshua Tree National Park and learn more about them in this video. More…

Trip of the Month – Oatman Oatman is a fun place to visit — an authentic old western town with burros roaming the streets and gunfights staged on weekends. The burros are tame and can be hand fed. Enjoy an exploration! More…

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Hiking Western Death Valley National Park
Panamint, Saline, and Eureka Valleys
Lost between the rugged High Sierras and sunbaked Death Valley, bypassed by most visitors on their way somewhere else, this sumptuous alignment of low desert valleys trapped between mountains reaching over 11,000 feet is a little-known paradise waiting to be discovered. This is Death Valley one hundred years ago, a hiker’s mecca filled with salt flats and sand dunes, old mines and ghost towns, awesome canyons, breathtaking summits, delightful springs and unexpected streams, and more miles of unspoiled desert than one can explore in a lifetime. Click here to learn more.
Hiking Death Valley National Park
A Guide to Its Natural Wonders and Mining Past

With elevations ranging from 282 feet below level to 11,049 feet, a world-famous climate, and some of the most spectacular scenery in the North American desert, Death Valley National Park is a year-round hiker’s paradise. Hundreds of miles of trails and cross-country routes lead to countless canyons, springs, and abandoned mines, most of them infrequently visited. Whether you want to stroll on salt flats, hike a lonesome canyon, climb a rugged peak, visit a remote gold mine, or simply explore the backcountry by car, this comprehensive guidebook provides dozens of destinations suited to your interests. Click here to learn more.
Live Giant Saguaro!!!
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Live Giant Saguaro

The saguaro is 2 to 3 inches high and about 2 inches wide. Come with pot and dirt. Just add 1 tablespoon of water every month.

Description of Giant Saguaro
The magnificent Saguaro Cactus, the state flower of Arizona, is composed of a tall, thick, fluted, columnar stem, 18 to 24 inches in diameter, often with several large branches (arms) curving upward in the most distinctive conformation of all Southwestern cacti.

The Saguaro often begins life in the shelter of a "nurse" tree or shrub which can provide a shaded, moister habitat for the germination of life. The Saguaro grows very slowly — perhaps an inch a year — but to a great height, 15 to 50 feet. The largest plants, with more than 5 arms, are estimated to be 200 years old. An average old Saguaro would have 5 arms and be about 30 feet tall.

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Spring Comes To
The Harcuvars: DVD

If you were to go wandering in the Arizona desert on a spring day, what would you be likely to see? This video answers that question. Far from being the lifeless, hostile place that many people imagine, the Arizona desert in spring puts forth an astonishing display of flowers, and a wide variety of animal life.

"Spring Comes to the Harcuvars" contains information about 12 species of lizard, 5 rattlesnake species (and five other snakes), plus several birds and mammals. Over 60 different flowering plants provide a kaleidoscope of color.

Try a Prickly Pear Margarita made with Prickly Pear Cactus syrup. The syrup also makes exceptionally flavorful Wine Coolers, Spritzers, and Prickly Pear Lemonade. The Syrup comes in 7 oz.,12 oz., 23 oz. and 1 gallon containers. At just $14.95, the 23 oz size is a great economical bargain! Click Here for more information.
Enjoy Prickly Pear Cactus, Mesquite Bean and Margarita jelly candies – Half pound box featuring three mouth-watering candy selections. Tantalize your tastebuds with flavors of the southwest from the fruits of the desert.
Desert Blush Lemonade (Makes 1/2 Gallon)
16 oz. Lemon Juice
3/4 Cup sugar
1/4 Cup Prickly Pear Cactus Syrup
48 oz. Water

Directions: Pour over ice or blend in a blender.
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Heated Neck Roll – Dot/Plush
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Agate Bookends – Beautiful, unique bookends of Brazilian Agate, in a wide range of colors from brilliant magenta to aquamarine and topaz colorings. Average size: 5" Tall X 8" Wide X 3" Deep but sizes vary. Hurry! Each one is different and they go fast!
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Fascinated with the desert and explorer programs? This fascinating and educational book set is 18.95 – great for budding scientists and explorers!
Desert Survival Handbook – Survival situations can and do happen to average people, as well as adventurous explorers. You’ll have the capacity to handle these situations if you know and follow the fundamental principles of survival.
Outdoor Gizmos -Did you know that a few rocks, some sticks, a shoelace or two, a wrist watch, a dollar bill, and a drinking straw are all you need to make surprisingly accurate sun-powered and star-powered gizmos? It’s a fact: In minutes you can construct a stick and rock sundial or compass, assemble a Sky-high Scope (included) that can measure the height of a tree or determine where you are on the planet, or figure out how long until the sun sets using nothing more than your hands. Click here to read more…

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State and National Park DVDs – DesertUSA has an extensive selection of park DVDs including: Arches, Big Bend, Monument Valley, Death Valley, The Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Zion, Yellowstone, Red Rock Canyon and many more. Click here to browse our park DVDs.

2 Anza Borrego DVDs

Ghost Mountain DVD the story of Marshal South and his family’s adventure of living on Ghost Mountain in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. To preview the DVD in Flash Click Here.

Anza Borrego Seasons in the Desert. This stunning DVD covers the various regions of the park, as well as indigenous flora and fauna.

Joshua Tree NP DVD This is THE tool you need to plan a trip to Joshua Tree National Park.

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