CERC WEEKLY UPDATE – June 18, 2009


Note from the Managing Editor:

The Times Literary Supplement had a positive review of Ian Linden’s new book Global Catholicism in it’s Easter issue. In the June/July issue of First Things, Jody Bottum alluded to the book and to the Times review:

"It’s a book that begins with this Chinese proverb: When a tree falls it crashes with a noise, but when a forest grows no one hears anything. The same can be said of global Catholicism: The world only hears about condoms and clerical scandals, but in the meantime the real story is being ignored."

That story, told in Global Catholicism, is summarized by the Times reviewer:

"Secularists might be surprised to learn that the Church is the largest single supplier of healthcare and education on the planet, the principle glue of civil society in Africa, the strongest bulwark of opposition to the caste system in India, and a leading player in global campaigns for sustainable living. It provides almost the only charitable presence in Chechnya, and other black spots often forgotten by the rest of the world."

While these and many other positive contributions of the Church remain ignored and unknown to most everyone — most egregiously Catholics — the wondrous fact remains, as Bottum points out, that "…slowly, hidden from the eyes of the world, grace is at work, Christianity grows, and God’s purposes are served." – J. Fraser Field

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Quote of the Week:
"The error of Diogenes lay in the fact that he omitted to notice that every man is both an honest man and a dishonest man. Diogenes looked for his honest man inside every crypt and cavern, but he never thought of looking inside the thief." –

G.K. Chesterton

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