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  from Melissa Mayntz
Greetings, birders! Summer has officially arrived, and that means the temperatures are heating up. It is critical to have water available to attract backyard birds, and this week’s newsletter is packed with information about the easiest type of water feature to add to your bird-friendly landscaping: birdbaths. You can have more than one, in different sizes, styles and shapes, and you’ll find you have more birds in your yard than ever before. Happy birding!

In the Spotlight
Bird of the Week: California Quail
This week’s top bird is one of my absolute backyard favorites, the California quail. These chicken-like game birds are plump and perky, running across lawns, parks, streets in perfectly straight lines at precise intervals. They’ve tried – unsuccessfully – to fit through our neighbor’s picket fence, and they are great to watch in family coveys. But do you know how to ID them from other quail species? And why are they called "California" quail if I see them so frequently in Utah?
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Tips for Choosing Birdbaths
A birdbath is a quick and easy water feature to add to any garden, patio or yard, but how do you choose the right one? Different characteristics, including size, depth and texture, can make a world of difference in whether or not birds will visit the bath, and you want to be sure to pick one that you enjoy as well.
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How to Clean a Birdbath
Scrubbing red, orange, black or green scum out of a birdbath is probably my least enjoyable backyard birding task, but if you know how to clean a birdbath properly, it’s no chore at all. A clean birdbath attracts more birds, minimizes diseases and is a beautiful addition to your bird-friendly yard.
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