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From Salton Sea to Salvation Mountain and Slab City – Less than an hour from Indio, CA lies the Salton Sea. Once a recreation mecca for desert snowbirds, the Salton Sea is a far cry from the vacation spot it used to be. Due to high salt levels fewer fish are able to reproduce, so they are dying off. The day I visited the Salton Sea the temperature was about 103 degrees. The smell was not bad at all. The campground and Visitor’s Center were empty. More…

Desert Camping – Sahara Style Off-roading at about 60 miles per hour across the rocky desert, with the radio playing our driver’s favorite Moroccan cassette tape, we were astonished to see rain clouds. It was quite beautiful – we watched the storm as we drove in our Toyota 4x4s, rain clouds dark blue against the sky… More…

Desert Animal Survival Lack of water creates a survival problem for all desert organisms, animals and plants alike. But animals have an additional problem — they are more susceptible to extremes of temperature than are plants. Animals receive heat directly by radiation from the sun, and indirectly, by conduction from the substrate (rocks and soil) and convection from the air. More…

Shutterbug 101: Windows to the Soul Good portraits are one of the hardest photographic skills to come close to mastering. Notice I didn’t say “master” because I am not sure anyone ever masters the art of photography as it is a lifelong learning process. There is a huge difference between a snapshot and a candid portrait. More…

Shutterbug 101: Up Close and Personal Today we continue with a lesson on candid portraits, that is, portraits shot outside of a portrait studio. In this situation you have two choices: shoot tight on just the face and shoulders or shoot wider to allow some of the environment to show. Tighter is good when the background is distracting or when you want to highlight a stunning face. More…

Climbing Mt Whitney Mt. Whitney is the most frequently climbed peak in the Sierra Nevadas, and perhaps the entire U.S. The summit can be most directly reached via a 10.7-mile trail from Whitney Portal, 13 miles west of of Lone Pine. Ice axes and crampons are needed in spring and early summer, but technical climbing equipment is not usually necessary between mid-July and early October. More…

Get the latest Colorado River Information The rivers feeding Lake Powell are below average, but the lake starts to rise at this time of year. Lake levels are changing as the water flow down the Colorado river to Mexico through the dams and lakes. More…

DesertRoadTrippin’ – Keep Your Dog Safe from Rattlesnake BitesSummer is in full swing. The days are longer and we spend more time doing things outdoors. If you take your dog on hikes and on road trips you need to make sure they are comfortable and safe. This includes the heat as well as dangers you may encounter on the trails such as rattlesnakes, scorpions and other hazards. This tip is about how to keep your dog safe from rattlesnakes. More…

Videos of the Month – Randsburg and TronaRandsburg sprang from an old mining camp. In 1896, Randsburg was called Rand Camp. Today it is a living ghost town, a working mining town that likes having some — but not too much — company. There are no stop lights, gas stations or malls here; just an unpretentious, quiet little town that enjoys its place in desert history. Trona Pinnacles are some of the most unique geological features in the California Desert Conservation Area. The unusual landscape consists of more than 500 tufa spires, some as high as 140 feet, rising from the bed of the Searles Dry Lake basin. The pinnacles vary in size and shape from short and squat to tall and thin, and are composed primarily of calcium carbonate (tufa). The Trona Pinnacles have been fe! atured in many commercials, films, and still-photo shoots. More…

Trip of the Month – Virgina City Virginia City used to be the richest gold producing area in the United States. Gold was first found in Gold Canyon south of Virginia City by the Grosh brothers. Soon more gold deposits were found at the top of Gold Canyon in January 1859 by James Finney, known as “Old Virginny” and Henry Comstock. The early mining was done by the placer mining method of washing the dirt from around the small pieces of gold found in creeks. More…

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Description of Giant Saguaro
The magnificent Saguaro Cactus, the state flower of Arizona, is composed of a tall, thick, fluted, columnar stem, 18 to 24 inches in diameter, often with several large branches (arms) curving upward in the most distinctive conformation of all Southwestern cacti.

The Saguaro often begins life in the shelter of a "nurse" tree or shrub which can provide a shaded, moister habitat for the germination of life. The Saguaro grows very slowly — perhaps an inch a year — but to a great height, 15 to 50 feet. The largest plants, with more than 5 arms, are estimated to be 200 years old. An average old Saguaro would have 5 arms and be about 30 feet tall.

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