Posted by universalis on 27 July 2009

Ever since these devices came out, people have been asking when they will be able to read Universalis on them.

The basic problem is that neither the Kindle nor the Sony Reader is
a programmable device: they are designed to read e-books and nothing
else. And Universalis is not an e-book. An e-book is a digital file
that contains every page you might ever want to read; Universalis is a
program that synthesizes the pages you want, at the moment you ask for

Some people have suggested that we create and sell Universalis
e-books for specific chunks of time – for instance, “Westminster July
2009″ or “United States 2010″ – on a subscription basis. We’ve gone one
better than this: we’re allowing you to create your own e-books for your own private use.

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