The BAR Companion: August 05, 2009
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The covers of our Dig Issue seem to have gotten a bad rap over the years for being scandalous, revealing or controversial. But we think they’re great perspectives of the people and excitement you find on a dig. Now is your chance to let us know what you think and vote for your favorite Dig Issue cover. See how your choice compares to others’ in the real-time results tally!

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Join BAR blogger and professor of Biblical Studies Robin Gallaher Branch in South Africa as she explores religion and theology in the southern hemisphere!

Dr. Branch invites us to be her guests at the Joint Conference of Academic Societies in the Fields of Religion and Theology, which was recently held at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Scholars from around the world convened to discuss the latest developments in theological and religious research, particularly as it pertains to the unique context of Africa’s unique culture and history. Urgent issue such as HIV/AIDS and racism were discussed at length, as well as Darwin’s impact on theological studies. Professor Branch’s engaging account of her journey to Africa’s winter in June will keep readers up-to-date on some of the latest issues in Biblical research, as well as smiling at her adventures and musings.

Read Dr. Branch’s account of the Joint Conference of Academic Societies in the Fields of Religion and Theology in South Africa


Check out the latest news in Biblical archaeology and related topics–updated daily

This week in the news, the Israel Antiquities Authority has announced its first-ever campaign to register all antiquities held in private collections in Israel, while an exciting and mysterious ancient inscription is discovered in excavations on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and an annual conference encourages Bible enthusiasts to enrich their study of the texts with trips to the ancient sites. Elsewhere, Yale University experts are using GPS and satellite imagery to map ancient Egyptian sites, and UNESCO released a report saying that U.S. troops badly damaged an ancient palace of King Nebuchadnezzar in Iraq during the 2003 invasion.

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Professor Alan Millard

Alan Millard makes the world of the Bible come alive. Dr. Millard is at the forefront of research in some of the world’s most tumultuous regions: Until recently, he was the vice-chairman of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq. He has taught at the University of Liverpool since 1970, where he is now professor emeritus. Professor Millard is responsible for the rediscovery of the Epic of Atrahasis, one of three surviving Babylonian flood stories. One of the few scholars in the world with an expertise in Akkadian, he worked alongside legendary Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. An outstanding scholar, he has been described by prior BAS program participants as "informative," "accessible" and "engaging."

Read more about this exciting scholar!

Learn about the connections between Babylon and the Bible from Professor Alan Millard


November 20-22, 2009 in New Orleans

Twenty of the most distinguished scholars from around the world will be coming together to present you with the latest research and discoveries in Biblical scholarship and archaeology. Our 12th annual Bible & Archaeology Fest will take place in the historic city of New Orleans, one of the most beautiful and evocative cities in the United States. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with the experts themselves and be among the first to hear about their findings and discuss these topics and more:

  • What does archaeology tell us about Jesus and the Exorcists?
  • Where did the Israelites come from?
  • Should the Gospel of John be used in Jesus research?
  • What does the Bible tell us about environmental responsibility?

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary partnership: exclusive access to the world’s foremost Biblical scholarship, in one of the world’s most enchanting cities.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!


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Experience Israel in a way that transcends the usual tour.

Visit one of the world’s most sacred and history-drenched lands on an adventure that only we can provide. Take an extraordinary journey through the Holy Land where three of the world’s largest religions converge in history. Experience the ancient world firsthand as you participate in an archaeological dig and see the sites and museums guided by top scholars and researchers. Your expert scholar-guide Amnon Wallenstein will bring ancient Israel to life before your eyes with his dynamic narrative and fantastic breadth of knowledge.

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2-part DVD

Discover the great archaeological finds from Jerusalem over the ages. On-site location shots of Herod’s Temple Mount, the Jerusalem Cardo, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock and much more.

Ideal for classroom or home use, this intriguing DVD tells the story of the great archaeological finds from Jerusalem over the ages.

Running time: 37 minutes each part.





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