The CCEL Times 4.9 (September 1, 2009)

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From the Director

What do you get when you search the bible for words like "Trinity," "Ten commandments," "Christmas", etc? Depending on your translation, probably nothing. We’ve implemented a new "contextual search" algorithm that can give good results for such queries. The algorithm searches all of the other books at the CCEL for references to a word like "Christmas" that mention scripture passages nearby. It assumes that those scripture passages may be relevant. So, with this new search algorithm, the top hit for "Christmas" is Luke 2; a search for "trinity" brings up passages such as John 1 on the first page; "beatitudes" returns Matthew 5 as the first hit. These are results you won’t get anywhere else!
To try it out, click the "Search" tab followed by the "Scripture" tab. The
advanced search option is nice because it lets you select the translation for your results. This work was the senior project of a computer science student here at Calvin, Nathan Beach, and it was adapted for the CCEL by Brad Greco. By the way, the scripture search page also lets you type in a scripture passage (e.g. Matt. 5) and get a list of commentaries, sermons, and other book references to the passage.

Harry Plantinga
Director of the CCEL


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CCEL Store Redesign

As you may know, sales at the CCEL store help keep the CCEL functioning, and the CDs enable us to distribute classic Christian books around the world where Internet access is limited. This past summer, Brad Greco also did a very nice redesign of the store. By the way, in addition to our own CDs, did you know that you can get most Logos products at the CCEL store at the lowest possible prices?

Featured Hymn

The God of Abraham Praise by Maimonides
English translation by Thomas Olivers This text is based on a Jewish doxology of thirteen articles formulated by Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides) in the latter part of the twelfth century. A fourteenth-century metrical version of that doxology, Yigdal Elohim ("magnify the Lord"), is traditionally used in daily morning synagogue services and during the Sabbath eve in Jewish family worship. That version is variously attributed to Daniel ben Judah or to Immanuel ben Solomon, both of whom lived in Rome. After hearing the Jewish cantor Meyer Lyon sing this Yigdal in the Duke’s Place Synagogue, London, England, Thomas Olivers prepared an English paraphrase in twelve stanzas (around 1770). About his paraphrase, Olivers reportedly said, "I have rendered it from the Hebrew, giving it, as far as I could, a Christian character, and I have called on Leoni [the cantor Lyon] who has given me a synagogue melody to suit it."
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What’s New

Treatise on Grace by Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

‘Tis common for us to speak of various graces of the Spirit of God as though they were so many different principles of holiness, and to call them by distinct names as such, —repentance, humility, resignation, thankfulness, etc. But we err if we imagine that these in their first source and root in the heart are properly distinct principles. They all come from the same fountain, and are, indeed, the various exertions and conditions of the same thing, only different denominations according to the various occasions, objects, and manners, attendants and circumstances of its exercise. There is some one holy principle in the heart that is the essence and sum of all grace, the root and source of all holy acts of every kind, and the fountain of every good stream, into which all Christian virtues may ultimately be resolved, and in which all duty and [all] holiness is fulfilled. — from the introduction to Chapter 2

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