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Posted by David Phillips

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Hello Save Japan Dolphins Members!

I have exciting news, and an urgent request for help.

You may have heard that THE COVE is now a finalist nominee for an Oscar for Best Documentary.

And now word is out that the Japanese company Medallion Media has signed on to release the Japanese subtitled version of THE COVE throughout Japan this April.

The Oscar nomination is a tremendous testament to the skill and art of the filmmakers of THE COVE. It will also shine a huge spotlight on the actions of the government of Japan in covering up the dolphin slaughter and poisoning of Japanese people with mercury-laced dolphin meat.

The March 7th broadcast of the Oscar presentations will reach nearly a billion people around the world. It is the most-watched television show in Japan. And the release of THE COVE in Japan will allow the Japanese public to learn the terrible secret of the Taiji slaughter for the first time.

Most Japanese have no idea that the cruel dolphins slaughter takes place and how toxic the dolphin meat is. The few Japanese citizens who have seen the film have been shocked and horrified. If millions see it and learn the truth, the pressure to end the slaughter could be unstoppable.

Help me spread the word in Japan, encourage the Japanese public to see the film, intensify press coverage of the ongoing slaughter, force the Japanese government to release the hidden information regarding the mercury testing of Taiji residents, and keep up our monitoring and investigations at the cove in Taiji.

A donation of $500 helps us get 100 people in Japan into the theaters to see The Cove and take action.

$100 allows us to print thousands of cards and other educational outreach pieces in Japan.

We have to raise a minimum of $50,000 for outreach efforts in Japan before the film comes out in Japan. A donation of any size is greatly appreciated. Go to:


I also need your help to get the million signatures on our Facebook Causes Petition to present to the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC in March and to the Fisheries Ministry in Japan in April. We have nearly 700,000 signatures, so we’re getting close, but we need your help to reach our goal – so please sign on and tell your friends and contacts to sign on, too, at:


Thanks for all your efforts to help us save dolphins. I know we can end this slaughter, if we work together and get the people of Japan to see THE COVE.

Thanks for all your help!

Ric O’Barry

PS. We need Japanese language volunteers for translations and posting to Japanese language web sites. Ultimately, the success of this campaign hinges on people talking to people. If you have friends, family or business associates in Japan please email us at:


PPS. You can also donate through the Cause site if you’d like to help the campaign that way:


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