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* From the Director [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/5/3#a]
* Special Offer [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/5/3#b1]
* Guided Study [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/5/3#b]
* Featured Group [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/5/3#c]
* Featured Hymn [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/5/3#d]
* Classic Sermons [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/5/3#e]

From the Director

* If God is good and all-powerful, why is there so much suffering in the
* Can prayer really change God’s mind?
* Does faith in God overrule reason?

We all struggle with the big questions at some point in our lives. Sometimes, a
horrible circumstance, such as the suffering or death of a loved one,
precipitates a crisis. At other times, knowledge of God may seem like a distant,
hazy memory and we may wonder about the nature of God’s activity in the world
and in our lives.

In the next few From the Director articles I hope to bring up some of these
questions and identify answers from the classic Christian literature. I’ll
point out passages that I’m aware of or seek the advice of relevant experts.
This could be the start of an index to guide CCEL users to classic answers to
the big questions. I believe this could be a valuable resource and a great
addition to the CCEL.

I’d love to have your help with this project. Are there big questions
you’ve been struggling with? Do you know of classic responses to some of these
questions from the literature at the CCEL? Would you be willing to help in other
ways? Please pass along your questions, answers, comments, and suggestions
though this form [http://www.ccel.org/info/email.html?to=newsletter.5.3].


Harry Plantinga
Director of the CCEL

Special Offer

[http://www.ccel.org/store/classics]Lenten Special: $5 off CCEL Classics CD

This CD-ROM contains a selection of the best spiritual writings of Church
history in a versatile easy-to-use format. The books are from a variety of
theological eras and perspectives, but they all have a history of changing lives
and the ability to bring the willing reader into God's presence.

Learn more or order this CD [http://www.ccel.org/store/classics]
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Guided Study

Guided Study of Augustine's Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love

Our guided study [http://www.ccel.org/study/handbook.html] of Augustine's
Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love
[http://www.ccel.org/ccel/augustine/enchiridion.html] has concluded. You can
still go back and read this classic and reflect on our notes and discussion

Read this Guided Study [http://www.ccel.org/study/handbook.html]
Read more about this Guided Study [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/4/12#a]

Featured Group

Preparing for Lent
hosted by Tony Germain

I ventured on this study with a open spirit and hopefully made an even
presentation of the topic of Lent. I wanted to present it as a devotional
exercise as I believe it has been to so many sincere believers from Acts One to
today. You will see right away there is no pretense, not even much for notes
written by me. It is for the most part the simple observation of scripture. I
hope you enjoy the intent of this group as we honor Jesus in rememberance of His
last week on earth and hope for His second advent, yet to come, soon maybe!

Read more about this group [http://www.ccel.org/node/6456]
Find another group [http://www.ccel.org/groups]

Featured Hymn

Man of Sorrows: What a Name by Philip Bliss (1838-1876)

Philip P. Bliss wrote both text and tune of this hymn that was published in The
International Lessons Monthly of 1875 with the title "Redemption." "Man of
Sorrows" is a reference to the prophet Isaiah's depiction of the "suffering
servant" (Isa. 52: 13-53: 12). The full text draws on that prophetic vision and
on the gospel narratives of Christ's crucifixion and atoning death. While much
of the text affirms objectively the redemptive work of Christ, stanza 2 makes a
very personal confession: "in my place condemned he stood, sealed my pardon with
his blood." Stanzas 4 and 5 move from Christ's death to his exaltation at the
right hand of God and to his return as "glorious King." Each stanza concludes
with an "alleluia" to so great a Savior.

Learn more about this hymn [http://www.hymnary.org/hymn/PsH/482] at the Hymnary

Read about the Hymnary [http://www.ccel.org/newsletter/3/5#director]

Classic Sermons

Charles Spurgeon on Christ's Redeeming Work:

In this verse the human race is described as a sick man, whose disease is so
far advanced that he is altogether without strength: no power remains in his
system to throw off his mortal malady, nor does he desire to do so; he could not
save himself from his disease if he would, and would not if he could. ... While
man is in this condition Jesus interposes for his salvation. 'When we were yet
without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly'; 'while we were yet
sinners, Christ died for us,' according to 'his great love wherewith he loved
us, even when we were dead in trespasses and sins.' The pith of my sermon will
be an endeavour to declare that the reason of Christ's dying for us did not lie
in our excellence; but where sin abounded grace did much more abound, for the
persons for whom Jesus died were viewed by him as the reverse of good, and he
came into the world to save those who are guilty before God, or, in the words of
our text, 'Christ died for the ungodly.'

- Sermon on Romans 5:6, delivered on September 6, 1874

Read this sermon [http://www.ccel.org/ccel/spurgeon/sermons20.viii.html] at the
Read more works by this author
[http://www.ccel.org/ccel/spurgeon/?show=worksBy] at the CCEL.

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