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Palm Sunday 

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Holy Thursday 

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Good Friday 
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MAR. 28 – APR. 3, 2010

Print your weekly guide to the Liturgy of the Hours below:  

The guide should be printed in color on two sides.  Fold the guide in half and tuck it into your prayer book.  Enjoy!


Buy your prayer books from the CLAA Bookshop and we’ll ship them in the U.S. for FREE

  LOTH 1-Vol. Christian Prayer ($37.00)

  LOTH 1-Vol. Christian Prayer, Large Print ($38.00) 
  LOTH 4-Vol. Imitation Leather ($149.00) 
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  LOTH 4-Vol. Large Print, Imitation Lthr. ($198.00)


Questions?  Contact us at bookshop@classicalliberalarts.com.







Above:  MOP brothers bring food–and much more–to the homeless living in the woods on the other side of the rairoad tracks…right here in North Carolina, USA.  100% of the donations we receive ends up in the bags and boxes you see in this picture.

The CLAA is helping to fund the establishment of the first American mission of the Missionaries of the Poor.   Please note that we are not asking YOU to fund OUR support, but are inviting you to join us in supporting this radical Catholic mission.  With your help the mission can grow mare rapidly and assist more families in need. 
Use the button below to make a $5.00 donation this week.  If you’d like to give more, you can change the amount on the confirmation screen.
All gifts are tax-deductible and will be used to purchase necessary food and clothing for the poor to whom we minister.  There are NO administrative costs involved in this work.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a benefactor of the MOP mission in Monroe, please contact me: wmichael@classicalliberalarts.com.

                                                      February 19, 2010
Dear Friends in Christ,

MOP Monroe NC is one of the international missions of the Missionaries of the Poor established here in the United States of America in 2008. Our mission, though still in its formative years, conducts a food pantry, house visitations and Communion Service to four different hospices and nursing homes here in Union County, NC.  An increasing number of families are seeking our assistance for food on a weekly basis. Beginning with five, we now have seventeen families and more are coming. They need to live in hope. It is our desire that you and your family join us in this regard. Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life; in His Name we must share the bread and wine.
We do not charge for any of our services offered whether they be the corporal or spiritual works of mercy. We believe that the Lord will continue to move the hearts of his people in giving us the necessary means to fulfill His desire to be fed, to be cared and to be loved in the presence of His poor. Your generosity in helping us provide the basic necessities of our brothers and sisters, however possible, will be greatly appreciated.
Please send your donation through our good friends William and Dania Michael at the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. 
Be assured of our prayers.
God bless!

Bro. Rodel, MOP
Brother in Charge

To pray the Liturgy of the Hours, you will need your own prayer book(s).  In buying them, you will have two basic options:  the one volume abridged version, called "Christian Prayer", or the full four volume Liturgy of the Hours set.
The ultimate difference between the two is in the Office of Readings.  If you desire to pray/read the Office of Readings, you will need the 4 volume set.  The Office of Readings includes a complete year’s worth of daily readings from Scripture and the Church Fathers that correspond to the Church calendar. 
However, if you intend only to pray Morning and Evening Prayer or maybe add Midday and/or Night Prayer, you will only need the one volume version.  This edition is so easy to use that our 6 year-old son manages it by himself during our daily prayers.
Most people end up buying Saints’ biographies and Bibles anyway, but tend to have a hard time bringing them all together into a profitable routine of personal devotional reading.  Instead of that, it may be best to buy the four folume set and make the Office of Readings your primary source for daily readings on the saints and the Scriptures.  You can always read more if you find the selections leave you desiring more, but we tend to "bite off more than we can chew" when it comes to starting devotions.  This is why the Office of Readings is so helpful.

The Weekly Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours is a free service provided by the Classical Liberal Arts Academy to promote family and personal prayer.  It is designed for use with the Catholic Publishing Company’s editions of the Liturgy of the Hours.  Please encourage your friends and relatives to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and let them know we’re here to help!  Direct them to the CLAA’s Liturgy of the Hours resource center at: www.classicalliberalarts.com/LOTH.

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