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I spent Sunday in the field with a group of geo-enthusiasts visiting a site where, to all appearances, ice-age mammoths spent centuries rubbing their muddy hides against a nice, scratchy outcrop leaving large patches of it polished to a mirror shine—four meters off the ground. (That rules out sheep.) It was a great way to combine hands-on perception and rigorous imagination.
The Geological Gems of Georgia

Every state I move to, investigating its geological highlights, I fall in love with. Now you too can get Georgia on your mind by visiting this new gallery of geological attractions and destinations.

Iceland and Plate Tectonics

Seeing the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallaj&oml;kull regularly on the news has raised public awareness of plate tectonics. It happens that Iceland is a unique showcase of divergent tectonics, one of the major plate-tectonic environments. This article will introduce you to as much of the basics of plate tectonics as you care to click.

The Cascades and Columbia Plateau: America’s Iceland

The volcanic country stretching from northernmost California through Washington is America’s closest thing to the basaltic wildlands of Iceland. Here’s a brief tour of some features from the roadsides of the Cascade Range and Columbia Plateau.

History’s Greatest Oil Gusher

A large offshore oil drilling platform exploded and sank last week in the Gulf of Mexico, the apparent victim of a blowout from a highly pressured petroleum reservoir. The oil gusher is an old cliché of serendipitous abundance, but in reality it’s a disaster. Gushers are still a risk in today’s industry, even though catastrophes like the great Lakeview gusher of 1910-1911 in Maricopa, California, are much less likely.


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