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I got out in the field twice last month. The first day trip was one I mentioned three weeks ago, on ophiolites. That’s been immortalized on the phoons site. The second one is this week’s headline, and I think you’ll find what I saw at Mammoth Rocks even more interesting.
The Mysterious Polish of Mammoth Rocks

Mammoth Rocks are a set of isolated rock prominences standing on an ancient wave-cut platform on the Sonoma County coast, north of San Francisco. These bear peculiar polished patches on them. This new article presents evidence that it was now-extinct mammoths that did the polishing as they scratched their backs.

Washington Wonders

Washington state is world renowned for the Channeled Scabland, Mount St. Helens, the Cascade volcanoes and the Columbia Basalt Plateau. American geologists can name more Washington features without thinking. My new picture list of Washington geological attractions and destinations has these plus some that only the locals know about. By all means suggest more places to add, especially if you have good photos to submit.

Earth’s Oldest Rocks: Get ‘Em While You Can

A Canadian prospector has registered a claim to the world’s oldest known rock and is selling it piece by piece. The rock is the Acasta Gneiss, a tiny area of… Read more

Asphalt Volcanism

The fearsome oil-well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico continues to threaten the coastal habitat. Blowouts also occur naturally, but they take the far more benign form of asphalt volcanoes. They were discovered only recently, and one of them made the news last week, too.


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