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It’s a strange world where the public schools are afraid of children picking up a Bible of their own free will, but it’s perhaps a stranger one where a Christian group feels the need to involve the courts in their attempt to evangelize. (See our Forum Friday post below.) After all, what the courts can give, the courts can also take away.
Forum Friday: School Sued for Banning Bible Distribution

In the Catholicism Forum this week, our new moderator, Nicole Palmby, posted an interesting article about a school district in Florida that decided to ban the distribution of Bibles by a Southern Baptist group. Should Christian groups be allowed to distribute Bibles on public-school property during non-school hours to students who are interested in taking them? Join in the discussion!

This Week’s Hottest Threads in the Catholicism Forum

Several other Forum threads have seen a lively discussion this week. Check them out, and let us know what you think:

Wordless Wednesday: Saint Thomas, Apostle

We had a great response to last week’s Wordless Wednesday contest. A number of readers, including Maureen, Suzan, and Glad, gave very good and detailed answers, but the prize has to go to Cornelius Ikuenobe, who was the first to list and explain most of the symbols. And this week, we’ve got another contest, as we finish our series of stained-glass windows of the apostles.

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