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From Scott P. Richert, your Guide to Catholicism
The response to my announcement of the
overwhelming. Please check out the list of names and
keep all the members in your prayers.
And remember to add your own loved ones to the list.
The announcement prompted a number of questions
about the Church’s teaching on Purgatory, so today’s
newsletter highlights the resources available on the
About.com Catholicism GuideSite devoted to this often
misunderstood doctrine. The most common questions
I’ve been asked over the years are listed below. 

Reader Question: Prayer for the Dead

Let’s start at the very beginning: What is the point of praying for the dead? Why do we do it, and what difference can it possibly make?
Reader Question: Does the Church Still Believe in Purgatory?

Much of the confusion about Purgatory stems from the fact that the doctrine is very rarely discussed today. Indeed, many Catholics have come to believe that the Church has abandoned Her belief in Purgatory. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Reader Question: What Happened to Purgatory?

If the Church still believes in Purgatory, however, why do most priests never discuss it?
Reader Question: Is There a Scriptural Basis for Purgatory?

Even many of those who understand the Church’s teaching on Purgatory think the doctrine has no biblical foundation. Purgatory, however, has a solid basis in Scripture. You just need to know where to look.





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