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Greetings, birders! Winter is a great time to attract birds to your backyard, and this week I’ve got tips for how to do that by meeting all three of their basic needs: food, water and shelter. If you make your backyard bird-friendly in these coldest months, you’re sure to attract even more birds all year round. Happy birding!Mailbag Monday; a weekly feature when I tell you exactly what you want to know!

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Bird of the Week: Clark’s Nutcracker

This week’s featured bird, the Clark’s nutcracker, is named for none other than William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. A bold and curious bird with stark black, gray and white plumage, this corvid is an active cacher and can remember thousands of storage spots for feeding when supplies run low. It’s the perfect bird for getting ready for winter!
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How to Offer Suet to Backyard Birds

Suet is a high energy food perfect for feeding birds in winter, and knowing how to offer suet properly through different feeders can help you add this winter staple to your backyard birds’ buffet. Used properly, these tips can also help you feed suet to birds all year round.
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Heated Bird Bath Tips

Water is essential for birds in every season, both to drink and to preen. Birds may not bathe as much in the winter, but they still need plenty of water to stay safe and healthy. These heated bird bath tips will help you provide adequate liquid water for all your backyard birds, whether you use a fully heated bird bath or just a supplemental heater.
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Winter Bird Shelters

Harsh winter weather can be fatal to birds if they don’t have protection, and birders who provide suitable winter bird shelters will invite backyard birds to roost comfortably and safely even in the most severe storms. There are different types of shelters you can offer birds in the winter, and with these tips you can pick the best one for your backyard flock.
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