Arguing that a well-rounded education is good for a Christian, St. Clement of Alexandria tells us that there are many ways of looking for truth. But the only way to find the whole truth is in Christ.

When many men drag the ship down to the water, we can’t call them many causes, but one cause made up of many. For each man by himself is not the cause of the ship’s being dragged, but along with the rest.

In the same way, philosophy, the search for truth, contributes to our understanding truth. It is not the cause of our understanding, but it is a cause along with other things—a cooperator, perhaps a joint cause. The different virtues are causes of happiness in one person; the sun, a fire, a bath, and clothing are the causes of our getting warm.

So there is one truth, but many things contribute to investigating it. But we find it by the Son.

–St. Clement of Alexandria, Miscellany, 1.20

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