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Bible History Daily's Week in Review

August 4, 2012


The Olympic Games: How They All Began

Tracing the genesis of the Greek Olympiad, the FREE BAS eBook The Olympic Games: How They All Began reveals the original religious significance and brutality of the games. For any fan of the Olympics, this is an entertaining and educational must-read.

Judith: A Remarkable Heroine in Two Parts
The Book of Judith tells the story of the ignominious defeat of the Assyrians by the hand of Judith, a Hebrew woman. In an extended two-part Bible History Daily study, Professor Robin Gallaher Branch highlights 11 characteristics of the Biblical heroine.

Israelite Chariots in the Assyrian Period
In a 2010 edition of BAR, Professor Boyd Seevers responded to an article by David Ussishkin concerning Israelite chariots in the Assyrian period. Ussishkin defends his association between Ahab’s war chariots and those of Shalmaneser III, king of Assyria.

Ten Key Points on Authenticity of Artifacts
In a free downloadable mp3 lecture, archaeologist and BAR author Gabriel Barkay outlines ten key points all scholars should agree on in judging issues of authenticity of artifacts. Learn about Biblical artifacts on your commute tomorrow with a lecture mp3.

ASOR/BAS Seminar on Biblical Archaeology
BAS and the American Schools of Oriental Research have teamed up once more to bring you an all-star line-up of Biblical archaeologists and scholars in this thrilling three-day program from October 5-7 in Durham, NC.

Lion Seal from Beth Shemesh Sparks Samson Discussion

The discovery of a small 11th-century B.C.E. seal at Beth Shemesh featuring crude representations of a person and a lion has sparked associations between the find and Samson’s lion fight in Judges 14.

Colossal Neo-Hittite Statue Discovered at Tell Tayinat

Excavations at Tell Tayinat uncovered a monumental human sculpture from the ancient city of Kunulua, the capital of the Neo-Hittite Kingdom of Patina in the early first millennium B.C.E.

Late Summer Reading Collection

Get three popular titles on Biblical archaeology for only $29.95, and receive free bonus copy of The Origins of Things: (Or How the Hour Got its Minutes). Save 40 percent for a limited time only.


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